September 10, 2021

Andreas Betsche

Virtual SEA Weekly News Update # 7

September 10, 2021 | Andreas Betsche

Once again, you can expect exciting news from the gaming world of Southeast Asia. This time we are reporting on several upcoming events, a new funding opportunity for indies and have tons of new release dates and trailers for you. Here we go:

SEA GAMES AWARDS 2021 Nominees

All nominated games for the SEA GAMES AWARDS 2021 have been announced. More than 40 games from Southeast Asia compete to win prizes in various categories. These include highlights that have already been published, such as Coffee Talk, The Company Man, or Gloom & Doom, but also games that have not yet been announced. For example, in the list, we find the new title from One More Dream Studios, the makers of Ageless or a new game from Xhinobi, called Vannator. As always, there are also exciting projects made by students. The SEA GAMES AWARDS will be part of the Southeast Asian game event LEVEL UP KL on November 19, 2021. You can find out more about the event here.

These are the nominated games for the SEA GAMES AWARDS 2021:

The Company Man by Forust Studio

Tank Brawl 2: Armor Fury by Phung Games

SAMUDRA by Khayalan Arts

Tanasurga by Rainman Studios

The Signal State by Reckoner Industries

Malice by Eldritch

Clocked-In by UOW Malaysia KDU

Escape from Naraka by Xelo Games

Seduction by KOEX studio

Midwest 90: Rapid City by Hidden Chest Studios

Gloom and Doom by Neo Tegoel Games

Selera Nusantara by Gambir Studio

Attack Of Undo Zai by CTRLZ 

Archwar: Heroes and Demons by Game One Technology 

Vita Fighters by Ranida Games 

Kingdoms Reborn by Earthshine

Code Atma by Agate

Never Ending Beyond by One More Dream Studios

Rising Hell by Tahoe Games

When the Past Was Around by Mojiken Studio

Exist.EXE by Skyfeather Games Studio

Hadal by UOW Malaysia KDU

The Sun Shines Over Us (Menggapai Matahari) by Eternal Dream Studio

Jump Jerboa by Chinykian Games

Tikus Tales by WilKGames

Vannator by Xhinobi


At Your Service by FairPlay Studios

Monster Breakout! Brick Breaker Pixel RPG by Seraph Games Studio

Tales of Phi: Math land Great Battle (Monster RPG) by Seraph Games Studio

Cooking Chef Story: Food Park by Niji Games

Airship Academy by Revolution Industry

My Lovely Wife by GameChanger Studio

Noodle SouperStar by BattleBrew Production

Biwar: Legend Of Dragon Slayer by Devata Games Production

DeLight: The Journey Home by DreamTree Studio 

Coffee Talk by Toge Productions

A Space for the Unbound by Mojiken Studio

Water Child by UOW Malaysia KDU

Fallen Tear: The Ascension by CMD Studios

SGGA Announces Singapore Games Week 2021

The Singapore Games Association (SGGA) announced the inaugural edition of Singapore Games Week (SGW). SGW 2021 will see a lineup of activities, held from 11 to 31 October, to celebrate the local game industry players and its communities. Held in conjunction with gamescom asia, the festival aims to showcase Singapore’s vibrant games industry to the public and the international gaming community. The highlight is undoubtedly the SGW Virtual Village, an online event where visitors can explore games and communities from Singapore with specially created avatars. There will also be a hybrid Singapore Pavilion at gamescom asia.

Source: SGGA

SGGA also announced the Asia Games Awards, which will be presented in partnership with gamescom asia on October 17th. Unlike the SEA Games Awards (see above), games from East Asia, South Asia and Central Asia can also take part in this contest. Award submissions will open on 9 September 2021.

You can find more information about Singapore Games Week 2021 on their website.

Agate Launches Video Game Development Fund

Good news for indie studios from Indonesia! With the Agate Skylab Fund, renowned publisher and game producer Agate International (Valthirian Arc, Tirta) announced a new funding initiative for Indonesian indie developers.

Source: Agate

In addition to receiving funding between US $ 100,000 to US $ 1,000,000, successful submissions will receive support in the form of mentoring, networking, and collaboration. Developers interested in getting funding through Agate Skylab Fund can submit their proposals through the program’s website to go through the assessment process held by the Skylab committee. According to the press release, Agate is primarily looking for studios that dream of creating excellent multiplayer co-op experiences.

Glorious times for indie developers from Indonesia, as Toge Productions started a similar undertaking with the Toge Game Fund Initiative at the beginning of the year.

Jack Axe Release Date Announcement

After the demo, Jack Axe -The Trial,  was released last week, the Filipino developer Keybol Games and publisher Neon Doctrine announced the challenging platformer’s release date. Nordic-Filipino cultural mix Jack Axe will be available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Utomik on October 7th 2021!

Good Knight Delayed

On the other hand, it is unclear when the one-button bullet-hell shooter Good Knight will actually be released. The original release date at the beginning of September could not be met. In a press release, publisher Doublethink Games speaks of a delay of “few weeks” while the official Twitter account announces that Good Knight should start within “a few days” in Early Access on Steam. Anyway, it looks like fans will have to wait a little longer.

Blood Field – Cỏ Máu Short Gameplay Trailer

There is a new gameplay trailer for the first-person horror game Blood Field – Cỏ Máu. In the short but very atmospheric video, we see how the game’s main character moves through a rice field shrouded in darkness and thunderstorms, including creepy-looking scarecrows. In the game, we explore a sinister world with environments based on Vietnamese culture and a storyline inspired by local myths and folklore. Blood Field – Cỏ Máu will be released on Steam in December 2021.

Another Path New Character Design 

The exploration game Another Path by Indonesian studio MyHand has undergone a slight transformation. Compared to earlier alpha gameplay, the game’s main character is no longer a little boy but a young man with a cloak. The new character design gives the otherwise quite peaceful-looking adventure a slightly darker touch. Another Path now also has a Steam page and should come out next year.

Seduction is Coming in October

Finally, there is news about Seduction, the new game from KOEX Studio from Singapore (maker of Noosphere). The 2d horror adventure puzzle game about a monk who has to explore a dark parallel world was announced to be released on Steam in October 2021. We are curious whether this title can “seduce” us; the first screenshots look very appealing already.

Source: KOEX studio

New Releases

You can look up which games from Southeast Asia were released this month in our handy release overview.

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