Aquascapers Review

Aquascapers can’t yet keep up with the complexity it aims to simulate

An opportunity to try a hobby without spending on materials or touching the grass, Aquascapers can be your gateway to the intricate world of aquariums, paludariums, and vivariums.  Our humble aquascaping beginnings. Developed by Indonesian Bewolba Studios, Aquascapers ironically puts you into the arms of nature by simulating an Aquascaper hobbyist. Released as Early Access […]

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News announcing the launch of the RPG game Fractals of Destiny.

Fractals of Destiny: New Indonesian RPG Comes to Steam EA

Krakatoa Studios from Indonesia has recently announced the upcoming RPG “Fractals of Destiny” to launch on Steam Early Access. This hybrid RPG game blends action-packed gameplay with classic RPG features, set against a fantasy world backdrop. Players are promised an unforgettable adventure filled with adrenaline-pumping action and a beautiful fantasy universe. Introducing “Fractals of Destiny”, […]

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Project Xandata Early Access Hands-On Preview

For more than five years, the Filipino studio Secret 6 has been working on their 3v3 multiplayer shooter Project Xandata. After a short delay, the game is now scheduled to start in Early Access on Steam on March 22, 2022. Virtual SEA had the opportunity to play it in advance and ask the developers a few questions.

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