Visual Novel “Who Murdered My Empress?” Launching on Steam on June 21st

The time-travel romance visual novel “Who Murdered My Empress?” from developer Little Snake Studio will be released on Steam on June 21st, 2024. The game takes place in a fantastical realm inspired by 19th-century Vietnam. In “Who Murdered My Empress?”, players take on the role of Mai, a police officer from the present day who […]

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Malaysian Mythology-Inspired Survival Horror ‘Yan魇: Parasomnia’ Demo Now Available

A demo for the upcoming survival co-op horror game “Yan魇: Parasomnia” has been released, allowing players to experience a preview of the title inspired by Malaysian mythology. Developed by Cerebral Games and published by Nimbus Games (Malice, Chiyo), the game aims to evoke nostalgia through its 1980s setting and old-school fixed camera perspective reminiscent of […]

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Turn the digital pages of SEAsian-made visual novels at NOVELASIA

NOVELASIA by SEAGamethetic is a unique showcase highlighting one of the foremost genres in indie game development. The visual novel is a striking genre that showcases storytelling skills enhanced by art, music, game mechanics, and the like. Southeast Asia has produced well-known examples in games like Coffee Talk from Indonesia, The Letter from the Philippines, […]

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The Anomalous Hour Review

The Anomalous Hour Review: An eerie version of “Groundhog Day” that traps you in a metro station

Step into the mysterious world of The Anomalous Hour, the newest spine-chilling adventure from Indonesian developers Gambir Studio (Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur). In this review, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies of this horror game set within the eerie confines of an abandoned metro station. The Anomalous Hour thrusts players into an enigmatic […]

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Cat Quest III Release

Cat Quest III Release Date Revealed

During the recent Nintendo Indie Showcase, Singaporean studio The Gentlebros announced the release date for Cat Quest III, the furry and action-packed 2.5D open-world RPG sequel to the beloved series. The game’s setting is in the Purribean, a colourful world inhabited by pirate cats, packed with treasures, and grim enemies. Similar to the previous entries […]

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