Vietnamese Horror Game Taken Soul – Đoạt Mệnh Set to Haunt Steam in February

Taken Soul – Đoạt Mệnh, a survival horror game developed by Vietnamese studio SOGA Studio, has been scheduled for release on Steam this February. Set in the city of Da Lat during the 2000s, renowned for its foggy landscapes and distinctive architecture, the game draws inspiration from local mythology. Players assume the role of Trung, […]

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DADOO Header

DADOO’s frantic multiplayer mayhem launches today

DADOO: Twists, Turns, and Mischiefs is a multiplayer video game developed by Indonesian studio Algorocks. It is an online version of the classic board game “Snakes and Ladders”, featuring additional dice, ability cards and unique player skills to make it more exciting.  DADOO is a fun casual game that can be played solo or with […]

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Start matching today! Matchmaker Agency launches just in time for Valentine’s Day

Matchmaker Agency launches on Steam on February 14. Developed by Indonesian Studios MelonCat and Niji Games in collaboration with Singapore-based Soft Source, Matchmaker Agency puts players in charge of an agency dedicated to pairing up hopeful romantics searching for their perfect match. As the game unfolds, players inherit their grandparents’ matchmaking agency, embarking on a […]

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Legendary Hoplite Review

Legendary Hoplite Review: More than a Trojan Horse is needed to win this game

Legendary Hoplite is a game that combines elements of tower defence and action RPGs. It is published by Vietnamese studio TripleBricksGames and publisher Ravenage Games and is set in ancient Greece with a strong influence of Greek mythology in its aesthetics and storytelling. Find out was distinguishes this game from other genre titles in our […]

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Ghostlore Review Header

Ghostlore: A 90s Action RPG, but make it Southeast Asian

Stepping into the 90s to 2000s aesthetics, Ghostlore takes you back to the ARPGs of old while featuring intricate systems that make this one of the most detailed games of its genre. You are a Ghosthunter taking on the mantle after your Master, whose age has finally taken a toll to continue hunting, decides it’s […]

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Toge 15th Anniversary

New Game By Mojiken: Toge Productions Celebrates 15 Years with Exciting Announcements

Indonesian game development studio and publisher Toge Productions, one of Southeast Asia’s most prominent indie game creators, marked its 15th anniversary on January 17 by making a mystery-themed video full of new announcements and games!  The most anticipated reveal was a new game from Mojiken Studio, the team behind the renowned A Space for the […]

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