New game “I Need Space” from Indonesian studio Khayalan Arts takes players on out-of-this-world adventure

Experience an out-of-this-world gaming adventure with “I Need Space,” the new game from Indonesian studio Khayalan Arts. Explore a mysterious alien planet and uncover the ultimate cause of a celestial pandemic in this physics-based, space exploration game. With stunning graphics and an immersive storyline, you won’t want to miss the demo in early 2023 before the game’s release on PC and consoles.

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A Space for the Unbound Review

A Space for the Unbound is a pixel-art adventure that brings 90s Indonesia to life

A Space for the Unbound, a pixel-art adventure game created by Mojiken, offers an immersive glimpse into ’90s Indonesia through the supernatural journey of Atma and Raya. While presenting a rich narrative with beautifully crafted pixel landscapes, the game infuses magical realism and historical context. Despite minor hiccups in combat design, the game impresses with detail and culturally-rooted storytelling, culminating in a 9-10 hour epic experience now available across major gaming platforms.

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This award-winning game will let you explore the Philippines with your phone

The Philippines are known for its cultural diversity, varied landscapes, and rich cultural and historical past. Exploring all this has become more difficult for people in recent years, and excursions have become a rarity. With their free-to-play mobile game Galà, the Philippine indie developer kendikorp would now like to offer an opportunity to experience the […]

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Anime Beauties Battle Sci-Fi Pirates in this Tactical Visual Novel

“The Most Dangerous Waters In The World” are the evocative words that Time recently used to describe the seas surrounding Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. This statement is due to the modern-day pirates who roam these waters and attack or hijack boats.

The Indonesian developer 7N34AP and their publisher Niji Games transport this real threat of the present into a sci-fi setting and pit militaristic anime fighters against those swashbucklers. Can the unusual setting work? You can find out soon.

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