This award-winning game will let you explore the Philippines with your phone

The Philippines are known for its cultural diversity, varied landscapes, and rich cultural and historical past. Exploring all this has become more difficult for people in recent years, and excursions have become a rarity. With their free-to-play mobile game Galà, the Philippine indie developer kendikorp would now like to offer an opportunity to experience the […]

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Anime Beauties Battle Sci-Fi Pirates in this Tactical Visual Novel

“The Most Dangerous Waters In The World” are the evocative words that Time recently used to describe the seas surrounding Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. This statement is due to the modern-day pirates who roam these waters and attack or hijack boats.

The Indonesian developer 7N34AP and their publisher Niji Games transport this real threat of the present into a sci-fi setting and pit militaristic anime fighters against those swashbucklers. Can the unusual setting work? You can find out soon.

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Become the CEO of your own company in Startup Panic

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own tech company? Then the Indonesian game studio Algorocks has just what you’re looking for: Startup Panic! In this charming management simulation, you get to enjoy the thrills and the ups and downs of a company owner’s life — without the pressure of indebting yourself when things go wrong. And things will go wrong, but let’s not panic just yet and jump into the game instead.

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