October 27, 2020


How to Defeat a Titan? Grind your Fighting Skills in Vita Fighters

October 27, 2020 | Zain

AngryDevs’s first game, Vita Fighters, is a mobile fighting game that is inspired and influenced by one of the oldest classic fighting games, Street Fighter. Here our ultimate goal is to fight several fighters until we meet the final boss, “The Titan.”

There are 13 characters in-game with different styles of fighting moves. When the battle begins, you have to beat your enemies by two rounds in a best of 3. In my opinion, the gameplay mechanics are very similar to Street Fighter. If you are familiar with it, I’m sure you may adapt to the gameplay mechanics faster than someone new to the genre of fighting games.

In arcade mode, you need to win eight fights in a row with increased difficulty. After six wins, you will meet your final boss, “The Titan.” Surprisingly, the Titan is the only character with a face as you may notice that all characters that we can choose didn’t have faces on them. The Titan is heavily inspired by a character named “Colossus Titan” in a Japanese Anime called Shingeki No Kyojin / Attack on Titan. I have to admit, the final boss is challenging, but I managed to defeat it.

The game is still in an early version state as it was released on 19 September 2020. The graphics may look a bit stale, but you will have a stable fps.

Luckily, even though Vita Fighters is a free game, it does not contain any forced advertisements. You can choose whether you want to watch an ad for activating Infinite Power and Infinite Life. The features can be activated when you are defeated in the battle.

Although I was able to beat the whole arcade mode, I think the enemy movement is too fast and some skills are still needed to be adjusted. The developer needs to add a “Command List” of every move for each character. Currently, you can practice each character in training mode but such a list would help to learn things faster. Some may, however, find it enjoyable to discover the combos by themselves. Also, you can counter & break enemy moves.

Like most fighting games, I think this game is better played with others whether it’s from the same device or online. There is a Player v Player feature. According to the developers, you can play multiplayer by connecting a Bluetooth controller but can only connect 1 controller, so it may not be comfortable for most. If you want to use two controllers, you have to play the game via Android Emulator on PC like Bluestack or Nox App Player. You can adjust your touch controls based on your preferences whether it is classic D-PAD touch or Analogue Touch Joystick.

Overall, Vita Fighters still needs more content to be added in the future but potentially this will be a great game. I would suggest adding new features like death and victory animations like Tekken / Street Fighter / Mortal Kombat because every fighting game has them. The developers stated that there will be more characters added soon and fill up those empty squares on the character list. Also, the devs have a plan to release the game on iOS and PC soon. Would you like to take on a challenge and defeat “The Titan?” Find out how by grinding your skills in Vita Fighters!

Vita Fighters is available on Android. You can download it on Google Play Store. Follow the developer AngryDevs on Twitter.


Zain is a guy who got into games since he was introduced to Playstation 2 and Gameboy Color in his childhood days. As time went by, he got interested in PC online games, starting from Defense of the Ancients, Heroes of Newerth, and now DOTA 2. His favorite drink, coffee, has just gotten him introduced to an Indonesian indie game named Coffee Talk, which made him go on a journey to explore indie games. Now he is pleased to join Virtual SEA as a writer to explore more games from Southeast Asia.

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