December 17, 2021


Games of 2022: Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar

December 17, 2021 | Oliver

Let’s kick off our annual games preview by looking at 2022’s most anticipated games from Brunei, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Here is a bunch of games from Southeast Asia’s gaming underdogs that you should keep an eye on next year.

Tikus Tales

First, we’ll start with something delightful and bright from Brunei. The platformer Tikus Tales from WilKGames is following the adventures of a mouse fighting against an alien race to track down one of their corrupted leaders. Its super-mouse abilities will be beneficial with that quest! The available prototype is a little sneak peek of what’s awaiting us by the end of next year. If you enjoy 3D platformers like A Hat In Time or Yooka-Laylee, you should wishlist Tikus Tales on Steam. Besides the PC version, WilKGames also plans to release the game for Android devices.

MARGOOn the Brink

A darker approach to the adventure genre might be MARGOOn the Brink by Myanmar’s Kodots Games (makers of Wanda – A beautiful Apocalypse). There is still not much information available about this turned-based roguelite RPG. Still, the first artworks give us some hints on both characters – a  girl and a levitating blob – as well as the red, dark-ish world around them. Is MARGO a codename for a secret project? Why is the world so dark and rusty? We don’t know yet, but we look forward to seeing what’s coming next year for PC gamers! Console versions (PlayStation and Switch) might be released later on.


The next game is a really ambitious project! With SittBayin,  the developer Shinn Thant (Sriksetra Game Studio), is currently working on a Burmese Warcraft 3. Loosely translated, the game’s title means “War of Hopes.” Given the enormous challenges that such a project entails, we can only hope for a good game. However, the first artworks of the buildings look very promising! The game should go into beta in December 2021 before it will be released for mobile devices sometime in 2022.

The Footage

The horror exploration game The Footage by MegaMaze from Myanmar was already scheduled for October 2021 but has been delayed, most likely until 2022. The ambience you can feel in the trailer gives us chills we got a long time ago from games like Silent Hill. Dark sewers, factory sites, and noisy radios are great ingredients for a horror game that will be available for PC and mobile devices.

High School Overdrive

Got enough from going to school? Then you should take your anger and frustration to bring it into motion in the 3D brawler High School Overdrive by Brunei’s Tubanar Studio. Set in 1997, you can fight with Rin Helena against bullies and rowdies to lift her courage and strength. To find out her backstory and motivation, you can wishlist the game on Steam. The developer hasn’t confirmed a release date, but from what we can see at the moment, 2022 seems possible.

Angkor: Rise of Heroes

Angkor: Rise of Heroes by Sil Animation Studio from Cambodia did a remarkable jump in development since 2018. Planned as a side-scrolling brawler in the first gameplay footage videos and mentioned in our overview for 2021, our expectations are still high for a game that incorporates the local mythological and historical traits of the ancient Angkor period. Newer screenshots, however, show a significant change in style, which underlines the fantastical part of the game strongly. Angkor: Rise of Heroes now looks much more like a third-person action-adventure. Hopefully, we’ll finally see a release on PC and mobile devices and/or Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Stray Alloys

Mentionable, but without any release window, is the co-op campaign shooter Stray Alloys from Coop Legion Studio in Brunei. Multiple nations have settled on a new planet to extract resources and survive in the far but distant future. Raymond, our character, will experience this world and possibly fight against the existing imbalance and bring back justice to the earth. According to the developers, a PC demo is announced for 2022. However, if Stray Alloys game can finally be released next year is still unclear. Further details can be found on Coop Legion Studio’s Patreon page.

Scarlet Huntress

Also noteworthy, but without any release date yet, is Scarlet Huntress, also by Tubanar Studio – the developers from High School Overdrive. Slaying demons with elemental Jutsu, a crafting system, and action RPG elements sound good to you? Then you should consider that studio for another game.

This concludes our list of most-wanted games for 2022 from Brunei, Cambodia, and Myanmar. To get another glimpse of what we await for 2022 from Southeast Asia, please check out our (upcoming) lists for Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Enjoy!

Which games are you expecting the most for 2022? Have we forgotten a highlight? Let us know in the comments what we shouldn’t miss!


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