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Games of 2022: Vietnam

January 14, 2022 | Risky

After a rough pandemic year full of delays, but also the release of one of the best games from Southeast Asia that I’ve ever played, we return to Vietnam to talk about upcoming game releases in 2022 from the Land of the Blue Dragon with a new hope. Some of last year’s delayed games are coming back with feature updates, all-around improvements, and brand-new optimism. New games are also announced with a conviction for a release date. While FPS and horror games take center stage in this year’s article, we are excited to show you the wide variety of genres among other games.

While this article will be focusing on things to come in 2022, we will also provide you with a glimpse of what Vietnam will be offering in the years to come.


Our first game on this list is the fast-paced FPS game Devilated by developer Trunks. Promising a brutal Gun-Kungfu (GUN-FU) experience, you will use your guns, melee weapons, and even bare hands to fight a horde of demons and other hellish creatures. This action shooter also combines shooting mechanics with RPG elements and a fast combo chain for status enhancement, further raising the ante. Devilated will be released in 2022 on Steam; you can check their page and wishlist it here.

Legendary Hoplite

Legendary Hoplite is a strategic tower defense slash action RPG game from Triplebrick games. You play as the titular Hoplite, tasked with defending your city from waves of undead army and monsters rooted in ancient mythology. While you control your hero character across the battlefield and bring devastation towards the enemy force using attacks and special skills, you can also summon a phalanx of infantry and build defensive structures to aid your defensive efforts. Legendary Hoplite will be released in 2022 on Steam. Check their page and wishlist it here.


One of our most expected games on last year’s list, Overblue, finally has a scheduled release date of March 2022. Overblue is a sandbox, open-world action RPG game set in a fantasy world. On top of already rich features such as hunting and farming, developer PYZ Games also promised a simulated dating feature and multiple endings. Overblue will be coming to Android, with more platforms on the way depending on the game’s success. You can check more about Overblue here.

Silver Blue

Developed and published by Bunbosoup, Silver Blue is a Boys Love visual novel aimed at a 15+ audience. Coming to Steam in March 2022, the game will have a fantasy setting, hours of storytelling, multiple love interests, and different endings, something that fans of the genre will be pleased with. You can learn more about the game and download the demo here.

Đồng Cỏ Lau – The Reed Field

Set in rural Vietnam, this first-person horror from Quasar Art Studio tells a story about a man whose life suddenly comes to a halt due to evil forces. With his loved one under mortal threat, he must fight and survive the horror. This game will be the first part of the storyline, with a further sequel planned if certain conditions are met. Đồng Cỏ Lau – The Reed Field‘s demo will be released for PC around the end of February, while the final game is expected to be released in August 2022.

Anh Hùng Áo Vải

Anh Hùng Áo Vải (lit. Hero in Plain Clothing) is a roguelike action RPG developed by independent Vietnamese teen developer Hoang Hiep and his team. The game is based on the story of historical figure King Quang Trung (the titular “Hero in Plain Clothing”) and his victorious battles against the Qing Dynasty at the end of the 18th century. This game features roguelike gameplay, where each death will be permanent and uses a point & click system for movements and attacks. At the same time, it also features multiple types and classes of weapons, each with its own characteristics. Anh Hùng Áo Vải is expected to be released for PC in 2022.


M.Robot is a puzzle game made by Heavy Rain Studio for mobile devices. Developed using Unreal Engine, this game will have a more realistic graphic approach than many games featured in this list. Set during the space age where mankind already colonized other planets, you will play as M. Robot, an old, somewhat obsolete robot able to connect and control other mechanicals. When your spaceship is involved in an accident, newer, more advanced machines are put out of action. Across multiple levels, it is up to you to control them and repair the ship. M. Robot will be released in the second quarter of 2022 for Android and IOS.

The Scourge (Tai Ương)

Another game from our 2021 list, The Scourge (Tai Ương), is the debut title from an independent developer called Beaztek Studio. Based on a Vietnamese urban legend from the 2000s, this 3D horror game is powered by Unity Engine and features realistic-looking graphics. This January, a gameplay trailer will be released, and a playable demo will be available on Steam in February 2022. Beaztek Studio originally announced that the game’s development would be delayed indefinitely due to financial issues. However, the developers have assured us that they are back on track, aiming to release the full game shortly after the demo.

Superbugs: Awaken

Superbugs: Awaken is an asymmetrical co-op-only game from aptly named Together Games. Previously released as Outside In, the developer decided to rename the game based on feedback since the Early Access launch. You and another player will take over two available roles: the adventurer and the scientist. The adventurer is controlled from a first-person shooter perspective, while the scientist is more akin to the simulation/strategy genre. The adventurer is tasked with entering their sick cat Mimi’s body and finding and relaying the description of the over 864 different virus species inside the body. The scientist must then formulate the correct vaccine and send it to the adventurer to fight the virus. They are also tasked with guiding the adventurer through at least 20 levels of Mimi’s body. While the game missed its initial end of the year 2021 release date, we are hopeful that it can be fully released in 2022. Superbugs: Awaken is available on Steam Early Access here.

2022 and Beyond

While these next set of games are yet to have an expected release date (and some are very early in development), they have piqued our interest enough to share them with you. These are the games set to come from Vietnam, hopefully soon.

CSCĐ – Vietnam Mobile Police

CSCĐ – Vietnam Mobile Police (Cảnh Sát Cơ Động) is a tactical, first-person shooter from developer W3ATeam. The players will be a part of the Vietnam Mobile Police Force as they head into multiple missions and scenarios. The game aims to be a more tactical shooter, similar to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series. It will have a slower pace than most mainstream games of the genre, such as Call of Duty or Battlefield. The game is currently in development for PC, with a release date yet to be announced.


300475 is another first-person shooter game planned for PC and consoles by developer Hiker Games. Currently in crowdfunding phase, 300475 will tell the Vietnamese soldiers’ and people’s points of view during the Vietnam War (1955-1975). Suppose the crowdfunding of $ 1 million project development cost proves successful. In that case, 300475 may become Vietnam’s most significant game development yet, with a projected team of 50 staff members and a 30 months development period. 300475‘s combat will feature vehicles such as tanks, seemingly making it more into the fast action gameplay than CSCĐ – Vietnam Mobile Police mentioned above. However, Hiker Games stated that the game will also feature segments describing slices of life during wartime. It is a very intriguing part of the game, and Hiker Games are very coy with how they will deliver those segments. You can check more about the game and crowdfunding here.

Blood Field – Cỏ Máu

Blood Field – Cỏ Máu is a first-person survival horror game made by Tender Games Studio for PC. You will explore a sinister world heavily inspired by Vietnamese culture, myths, and folklore as Minh, a bystander, who accidentally discovered a terrible hidden truth about the tragic death of a young lady. The game will incorporate puzzle and mystery-solving aspects into its gameplay. A 20-minute demo of the game was released in January 2022. You can check out Blood Field – Cỏ Máu and wishlist it here.

The Death – Thần Trùng

The Death – Thần Trùng is a psychological horror adventure game from Developer DUT Studio. In modern Hanoi, the player will play as an ordinary young man whose life is changed by mysterious events. The game will feature a first-person view while also focusing on the psychological aspects of horror. The Death will feature multiple endings depending on each player’s gameplay. A brief demo is currently available on Steam here.

This concludes our list of most-wanted games for 2022 from Vietnam. To get another glimpse of what we await for 2022 from Southeast Asia, please check out our (upcoming) lists for Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmarthe Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailandand Indonesia. Enjoy!

Which games are you expecting the most for 2022? Have we forgotten a highlight? Let us know in the comments what we shouldn’t miss!


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