October 31, 2016


Enter the haunted mansion in ‘The Letter’

October 31, 2016 | Andreas

It’s Halloween and it’s time for more horror games from Southeast Asia! After ‘Lunar Eclipse’ and ‘Sara Is Missing’ now comes the ‘The Letter’!

The Letter Mansion
The mansion doesn’t look that creepy in broad daylight…

Who wouldn’t enter a creepy old 17th century mansion with rumours about ghosts haunting the premises? Well, Isabella Santos has no choice as she works for a real estate company that finally wants to sell the old property and finds herself confronted with mysterious events. This is the beginning of ‘The Letter’, an interactive visual novel with horror elements. Developer Yangyang Mobile from the Philippines promises to deliver a classic visual novel experience spiced up with a non-linear story and Quick-Time-Events. The game will have six playable characters and they even want to implement a system to manage relationships between those characters.

The Letter discovery
Isabella makes a surprising discovery.

‘The Letter’ was successfully funded on Kickstarter and its release is scheduled for Steam in early 2017. In the meantime, you can try the demo that lets you play the beginning of the game and gives a good idea about what’s coming.

And here’s a trailer:


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