The Anomalous Hour Review

The Anomalous Hour Review: An eerie version of “Groundhog Day” that traps you in a metro station

Step into the mysterious world of The Anomalous Hour, the newest spine-chilling adventure from Indonesian developers Gambir Studio (Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur). In this review, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies of this horror game set within the eerie confines of an abandoned metro station. The Anomalous Hour thrusts players into an enigmatic […]

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Vietnamese Horror Game Taken Soul – Đoạt Mệnh Set to Haunt Steam in February

Taken Soul – Đoạt Mệnh, a survival horror game developed by Vietnamese studio SOGA Studio, has been scheduled for release on Steam this February. Set in the city of Da Lat during the 2000s, renowned for its foggy landscapes and distinctive architecture, the game draws inspiration from local mythology. Players assume the role of Trung, […]

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Ghostlore Review Header

Ghostlore: A 90s Action RPG, but make it Southeast Asian

Stepping into the 90s to 2000s aesthetics, Ghostlore takes you back to the ARPGs of old while featuring intricate systems that make this one of the most detailed games of its genre. You are a Ghosthunter taking on the mantle after your Master, whose age has finally taken a toll to continue hunting, decides it’s […]

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DreadHaunt Early Access

DreadHaunt Enters Steam Early Access, Expanding DreadOut Series into Multiplayer 

The chilling and renowned DreadOut series has leapt into online multiplayer gaming with its latest iteration, DreadHaunt, now available on Steam Early Access. This move significantly departs from the series’ single-player experiences, venturing into 4v1 co-op and PVP multiplayer horror and deception. DreadHaunt: A Nightmarish Indonesian Multiplayer Horror DreadHaunt’s sudden release was unveiled at the […]

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Indonesian Resident Evil: Whisper Mountain Outbreak Demo Arrives on October 26

UPDATE 26.10.23: The limited-time demo of Whisper Mountain Outbreak is now available on Steam from October 26 to November 2! Already nicknamed the “Indonesian Resident Evil”, Whisper Mountain: Outbreak, the anticipated isometric co-op survival horror game from the Indonesian indie powerhouse Toge Productions, creators of the beloved Coffee Talk series and the upcoming Kriegsfront Tactics, […]

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