Indie Games from Southeast Asia Released in March 2024

Southeast Asia has become a key player in the global gaming industry due to its increasing creativity and innovation. In March 2024, multiple games have been released from countries like Indonesia, The Philippines, Myanmar, and Vietnam, highlighting the region’s diversity and talent. These games incorporate a wide range of genres, including Battle Royales, horror adventures, […]

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Until Then Release Date

Upcoming Filipino narrative adventure Until Then receives release date

Until Then will be available on PlayStation 5 and Steam on May 23rd, 2024. In addition to the release date announcement, the latest trailer showcases the game’s dramatic story and pixel art. In Until Then, players take on the role of Mark Borja, a Filipino boy navigating high school life with his friends in a […]

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All Indie Games from Southeast Asia Released in February 2024

February, the shortest month of the year, spoils us with the most extensive list of new games from Southeast Asia, with an astonishing 16 new games! Thai and Filipino game developers have especially been super busy getting their titles out there this month! It’s also the month of Valentine’s Day, so you can expect a […]

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Window Garden Header

Window Garden Blooms on the iOS App Store Soon

The dreamy idle gardening game Window Garden from CLOVER-FI Games is making its way to the App Store. This exciting new development from the Philippines-based mobile game studio grants users of the iOS ecosystem their own pixel-perfect indoor biospheres! You can pre-order Window Garden on the App Store here, and is expected to be released […]

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All Indie Games from Southeast Asia Released in January 2024

“What a year! – Captain, it’s only January!” This famous meme perfectly captures the whirlwind of excitement as we reflect on how many Southeast Asian games are already gracing the gaming landscape in 2024. Let’s have a closer look at the lineup featuring diverse gems from the region. This month, our list includes a Singaporean […]

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All Indie Games from Southeast Asia Released in December 2023

As we near the end of December 2023, we would like to present a list of newly released games from Southeast Asia. Our list includes games with exciting action and shooting options, including a scandalous piece of software, a couple of games created by students in Thailand and Indonesia, and an endless runner game with […]

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