Filipino game studio Secret 6 is changing hands

Secret 6, the renowned game development and art studio with offices in Manila and Madrid, has been acquired by Catalis Group, an international video game and entertainment company with its headquarters in the UK.

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Game Jam+ reopens its doors to Manila, pushes for another Filipino win

Hot off a historic win, the Philippines is hosting another year of Game Jam+, the world’s largest game development marathon, this October. Though most game jams focus on creation and community, Game Jam+ kicks things up by incorporating business savvy into its program, giving young video game developers opportunities to turn their games into businesses.

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nyctophobia review

Let’s spend our Christmas evenings in an abandoned asylum: Nyctophobia

Games of the horror genre have always exploited the primal fear of the dark, building worlds and painting pictures in which our minds fill in the blanks where our eyes cannot see. This fear of darkness is literally the name of the game in Outlast-inspired Nyctophobia: Devil Unleashed, released July 2021, brought to you by Filipino solo-dev Solitary Games.

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