Get Your Spooky Second Chance at Life in Kabaret

My education of local and regional paranormal stories calls back to the salad days of collecting copies of True Philippines Ghost Stories and waiting for the annual Halloween special of Magandang Gabi… Bayan. I also remember bravely browsing SFOGs on a dial-up connection, marathoning the same Thai horror movie rotation with my cousins, and starting […]

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Anime Beauties Battle Sci-Fi Pirates in this Tactical Visual Novel

“The Most Dangerous Waters In The World” are the evocative words that Time recently used to describe the seas surrounding Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. This statement is due to the modern-day pirates who roam these waters and attack or hijack boats.

The Indonesian developer 7N34AP and their publisher Niji Games transport this real threat of the present into a sci-fi setting and pit militaristic anime fighters against those swashbucklers. Can the unusual setting work? You can find out soon.

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Red Sky at Dawn is a Thrilling Murder Mystery set in Singapore’s 1940s

Red Sky at Dawn is a murder mystery set over a few days in 1940s Singapore. You are Detective Leong, freshly assigned to Hill Street P.D., who quite literally walks into a courtroom crime scene one night. Eager to get in on the action and play in the big leagues, the former beat cop is partnered with a surly English sergeant. The challenge is to unravel a mystery man’s death while dealing with your partner, who seems to be haunted by ghosts of his own.

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