October 22, 2023

Andreas Betsche

Southeast Asian Games Showcase 2023 Celebrates Local Games at gamescom asia

October 22, 2023 | Andreas Betsche

For the second time after last year, gamescom asia, in partnership with Virtual SEA and 20m Podcast, once again came together to shine a spotlight on upcoming and recent games from Southeast Asia. The Southeast Asian Games Showcase 2023 was live-streamed during the gamescom asia’s STUDIO show and was hosted by Arief Johan (20m Podcast) and Kenzie Du (Virtual SEA). The showcase featured 29 indie games from the region, complete with trailers, showcasing fan favorites like Cat Quest III, Cuisineer, DreadHaunt, and Until Then.

Southeast Asian Games Showcase 2023

Meet the hosts of Southeast Asian Games Showcase 2023: Kenzie Du and Arief Johan.

Adding depth to this showcase were interviews conducted in Singapore with representatives from well-known Southeast Asian indie studios such as Toge Productions, FairPlay Studios, BattleBrew Productions, and The Gentlebros. These interviews gave us a closer look at the games and the intricate processes behind their development.

Southeast Asian Games Showcase 2023

Kenzie Du with Suan Go from CtrlD Studio, chatting about their new game Overhours.

Exclusive Reveals at Southeast Asian Games Showcase 2023

The event also had two special announcements that got gamers excited. First up, DreadHaunt, the latest multiplayer installment in the beloved Indonesian horror series DreadOut, is set to hit Early Access on Steam on October 26th. Gamers can look forward to sharing the scares with friends in this Indonesian horror world.

DreadHaunt Release Date

The second announcement was unveiled by the Indonesian studio Pendopo Creations, known for their sci-fi noir thriller Rendezvous, who announced their upcoming game, Project Mansion. An exclusive gameplay trailer provided a sneak peek into this upcoming release, which should get pixel art enthusiasts thrilled. This time, it’s a Lovecraftian tale set in a haunted house, promising a dark and mysterious gaming experience.

Southeast Asian Games Showcase 2023: Project Mansion Reveal

29 Amazing Games From Southeast Asia

Without further ado, here’s the complete lineup of Southeast Asian Games that stole the spotlight in this showcase:


Cat Quest III, Cuisineer, Grifford Academy, SEDAP!, UNYIELDER


My Lovely Empress, Kejora, I NEED SPACE, Faerie Afterlight, DreadHaunt, Petit Island, NPCville: the Story of The Blacksmith, Knight vs Giant: the Broken Excalibur, Project Mansion


Kooeh: A Timeless Delight, Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open, DevaData, Weyrdlets, Overhours, Nullspace, GigaBash


Sinag Fighting Game, Fallen Tear: The Ascension, Until Then


LightSup!, The Land Beneath Us, Nightmare Circus


This Southeast Asian Games Showcase is a testament to the region’s growing creativity and innovation in the gaming industry. Follow Virtual SEA, 20m Podcast, and gamescom asia and stay up-to-date on the latest news from the Southeast Asian gaming ecosystem!

If you missed the show, you can re-watch it on YouTube:

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