October 22, 2023


Gamescom Asia 2023: Trade Conference and Zone Recap

October 22, 2023 | Kenzie

Business is booming in Singapore as gamescom asia 2023’s Trade Conference and Trade Zone started off the much-awaited event!

Gamescom asia dedicated stages and talks that allowed game industry professionals to share on important topics they have expertise on.

Aside from talks, panels allowed for knowledge-sharing and a wide range of perspectives about specific topics.

gamescom asia 2023 trade conference 2023

In the trade zone, companies from around the globe set up impressive booths, showing off services, products, and more, reminding visitors of the vastness of the video games industry.

Thailand also showed up in full force with a whole booth of the country’s latest and greatest games!

The area also had a Biz Lounge and appointed business meeting points that made it easy to meet and connect with others in the area.

Of note was the Indie Wavemakers section that featured international game developers working on a diverse pool of genres and styles.

Singapore’s 248 Labs showed off Unveiled, a digital card game based on crypto pop culture lore.

India’s Ogre Head Studios showcased Yodha, a deckbuilder roguelite based on Indian mythology.

South Korea’s Team QTQT had their Binding of Isaac-inspired Devilish League in all its cute glory.

UAE’s Low Kick Studios impressed with the MMORPG WorldShards.

Philippines’ Psychic City Games shared their heartfelt narrative adventure puzzle game, Meet Me on the Mountain.

Laos’ Generex is a fast-paced action game for fans of frantic fights.

The game development industry in the Indonesian city of Malang showed up in full force. It showcased Algorocks’ Dadoo, Clay Game Studios’ Faerie Afterlight, and Simpleton Games’ Join Our Cult and Chill.


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