October 17, 2022


IGDX Conference 2022 covers two days of game development knowledge

October 17, 2022 | Kenzie

Figuring out the ins and outs of the game development industry requires knowledge of different facets of the business. More and more, game developers need skills beyond programming, art, and design. Project management, marketing, regulations, and other skills have become critical to the success of a game.

The conference began with a keynote from the Director of Digital Economy, I Nyoman Adhiarna, discussing the Indonesian game market. He presented various statistics about gamers and game developers in the country and the boom of new developers in the ecosystem.

He also introduced the IGDX initiative of Academy, Career, Business, and Conference, as well as their clear goals for the event and the activities all year round.

Here are some of the Keynotes and panels that delivered helpful advice to all present and online participants.


IGDX Conference Day 1 can be found on Vidio here. Timestamps are provided below.

Panel #1 – Insights and Trends on Premium, Freemium, and Subscription Models (1:22:00)

In terms of getting access to games, we see many different ways players have preferred their content. That also means that developers need to keep these platforms and models in mind to help expand the potential of their release.

Jun Shen (Xbox), Louis Chow (Riot Games), and Darang Chandra (NIKO Partners) cover some of the insights and trends that will help developers consider their monetization options and make the best possible decisions for their product,

Panel #2 – Game Regulations from Indonesia (2:12:00)

With the number of local and foreign visitors on the IGDX floor, interest in taking the next step to start a games business in Indonesia is growing. But what does it take, in the legal sense, to begin this journey?

A panel consisting of Denden Imadudin (KOMINFO), Maria Sagrado (Makairim & Toira S. Law Office), Asih Karnengsih (Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia) highlighted the basic legal building blocks you need to set up shop in the country.

Keynote – Indonesia Game Industry Landscape (4:13:00)

Cipto Adiguna, President of the Indonesia Game Association, provides a comprehensive update to one of the most exciting game industries in the world: Indonesia.

Panel #3 – Game Development Opportunities from Web3 (4:40:00)

Shafiq Hussein (Gambir Games), Arief Whidisaya (Agate/Mythic Protocol), and Martha Schoppa (Mighty Bear Games) created their talk as a way to open the intriguing yet intimidating topic of Web3 games.

After all, the excitement around this topic is hard to miss, and it’s best to get the important Web3 and development facts straight from the experts.

Keynote – What’s New for Mobile Game Developers? (5:23:00)

Dan Pantumsinchai of Google Play provides an overview of the many ways Google Play has accommodated game developers in their popular application market.

From multi-screen gameplay to advanced monetization options, Android mobile devs can get an update on what they will be able to do with their games.

Panel #4 – External Development Trends and Insights (5:52:00)

Outsourcing continues to be an essential part of the game ecosystem, helping the intense scope of complex yet popular video games.

Orlando Nandito Nehemia (Miracle Gates), Joshua Axner (Gimbal Zen, Ex-Blizzard/LucasFilm), and Ramadana Samita (Komedoz) share their own experiences and observances of this significant business model.

Panel #5 – How to get a Job in the Game Industry (6:34:00)

While many of the IGDX participants have different roles in the game industry, this panel is dedicated to students and professionals who want to get their foot in the door of some of the biggest games companies in the world.

Hasnul Hadi Samsudin and Yandhie Dono Protopo represent Playstation and Ubisoft, respectively. They both emphasize outlining relevant experience in your resume, perhaps your university or indie development work, especially if you do not have significant game industry experience.


IGDX Conference Day 2 will be found on Vidio (article to be updated with links and timestamps).

Panel #6 – Common Developer Pitfalls in Signing an Agreement

Iain Garner (Neon Doctrine), Kris Antoni Hadriputra (Toge Productions), and David Liem (Ripples Asia) all aim to bring Southeast Asian-developed games onto the world stage – but how do developers know they’re not on the losing end and signed up on the game dev equivalent of a Faustian deal?

All panelists suggested investing in legal help before going all in on a publishing deal to cover all your bases. This is perfect for those developers not quite sure how to cover all their bases when in discussions with a publisher.

Panel #7 – Best Practices in VC Funding

Venture Capital firms have expanded their space in the industry, especially for indie game developers. They are very helpful for indie developers to help make their projects take off, but 

The panelists aimed to dispel any fears indie devs may have when it comes to VC funding. If you’ve ever thought a VC firm may take over your beloved IP, you can spot some red flags from a mile away with advice from Ponthus Mahler (Global Top Round), Yash Baid (Jetapult), and Irene Umar (Discovery Nusantara Capital).

Keynote – Investment and Promotion Program to Boost Job Creation in Game Industry

Careers in the industry are taking off and have the potential to become a significant part of the Indonesian Economy. Erick Thohir (Minister of State Owned Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia) and Sandiaga Uno (Minister of Tourism Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia) share their efforts in making this a reality.

Keynote – Product Market Fit

Jungwon Hanh (Majamojo; ex-Blizzard/World of Tanks) uses his significant experience in the industry to help game developers find their place in the growing market for indie games.

Panel #8 – Post-mortem from a Successful Game

So you’ve launched a successful game. Does the work end there? In many cases, you’re just starting. Hot on the heels of your top hit, there are some things that you need to catch to ride the wave to further success. Dominikus Damas Putranto (Rolling Glory Jam), Andika Pradana (Masshive Media), and Riris Marpaung (GameChanger Studio) share some of the lessons learned from a job well done.

Did you like What Comes After, Potion Permit, or the My Lovely Series, and wonder how these titles pulled it off? This talk is for you!

Are there any talks that helped you understand certain puzzling game development topics? Do you have any other questions for your own indie dev journey? Stick with VirtualSEA’s continued coverage of Southeast Asia’s biggest gaming conferences!


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