October 15, 2022


IGDX Business 2022 kicks off with insights into the Indonesian games market

October 15, 2022 | Kenzie

There’s nothing like face-to-face interaction to create connections. While online meetings have served well for the safety and convenience of our pandemic workflow, a chat over coffee is definitely more fun.

For the first and second days of IGDX 2022, the event kicked off with a business matching event that allowed different parties to meet for a quick chat and possible collaborations.

Here are some of the major themes VirtualSEA talked about with our friends and colleagues from the Southeast Asian games community:

Government, Educational, and Cultural Support for the Indonesian games industry

Through IGDX and the activities of the Indonesian government, there has been a lot of support for the growth of the local games industry.

Many developers in today’s up-and-coming studios also have game development backgrounds. Several universities have game development, game programming, and game design programs.

The idea of getting into the game industry – as game developers, game artists, content creators, and so on – seems to be growing in the cultural mindset as a practical career choice.

Regional diversity of the Indonesian games ecosystem provides challenges and opportunities.

Many games being created have a global reach in mind, and while there are a lot of Indonesian-made games that show off the local culture to a new audience.

The diverse regions (including timezones), cities, languages, and cultures within Indonesia prove there is much more potential for cultural representation in game development.

Continued interest in developing for all platforms and technologies

With the rise of interest in Web3 and Metaverse games, is this where the attention of new developers will lead to? While that is an interesting gaming section with a lot of potentials, there continues to be strong interest in creating premium PC/console games and mobile games.

Want to know more about IGDX 2022 and the Indonesian games ecosystem? We’ll be covering the event extensively in the coming days, please stay tuned!


Kenzie received a second childhood by crunching five generations of video game history in her free time – out of pure boredom and fascination. Since then, she’s been obsessively playing and writing about games and interactive fiction. She hopped aboard VirtualSEA to discover more about the regional game industry and help promote its talent and titles. She has a rolling list of favorite games, but Knights of the Old Republic and Horizon Zero Dawn come out on top.

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