November 3, 2022


Thai roguelite deckbuilder Northwind breaks the ice in 2023

November 3, 2022 | Kenzie

Have you got ice in your veins? If so, you may have what it takes to face the formidable frosts and fights of Northwind, slated for Steam Early Access launch in Q2 2023.

Barking Kitten Interactive is based in Bangkok, Thailand, and is currently composed of five core team members. Northwind is their first game and the brand-new studio wants to deliver the drama and the best the genre has to offer.

Northwind is all about the challenge and the monsters. You will always want to meet new monsters and defeat them with your combos,” says Tunyatorn Sangpunyaruk, who serves as Game Producer and Marketing.

The frozen tundras of Northwind are rife with challenges of survival – and it’s up to you to make sure your ambitions don’t freeze over. Each expedition into the ice-cold wilds will involve thrilling monster hunts and powerful upgrades and discoveries.

The main gameplay features include:

  • A monster compendium that offers different challenges and demands different strategies for each battle
  • Two main mercenary characters with unique specializations and abilities
  • Deckbuilding gameplay with 150+ cards available for endless combos
  • Roguelite village-building gameplay that upgrades your journey to your specification

Deckbuilding roguelites continue to serve a large fanbase, and we can’t wait to see what Northwind will bring to the table. The fantastic art for character and environment already gives the game a lot of impact and hints at the brutal mechanics that the genre is well known and loved for.

Stay up to date with Northwind‘s development and add the game to your Steam wishlist, and check out their site, Twitter, or Facebook.
You can also follow Barking Kitten Interactive on Twitter and Facebook.


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