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Thai Deckbuilder Northwind Releases Demo On Steam

A demo for Northwind, an upcoming rogue-lite deckbuilding game set to compete with popular games like Slay The Spire and Monster Train, was released on Steam on March 18, 2024. Developed by Barking Kitten Interactive, a Thai studio, the game promises to offer players innovative gameplay mechanics that will set them apart from the competition […]

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Hell never looked prettier thanks to Spirit Mancer’s pixel art

We are Sebastian, a modern-day demon hunter, and somehow we are trapped in this colorful pixel world called Inferno. Since the nasty demon queen has gone to war against the human world, we are now fighting through the underworld and defeating countless monsters, and other hell spawns. That’s the premise of Spirit Mancer, the new game from Thailand’s Sunny Syrup Studio.

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