November 3, 2022


Indonesian mobile rhythm game SparkLine slides onto the stage in 2023

November 3, 2022 | Kenzie

Fresh from their gamescom asia 2022 visit, WizDream Games has announced its latest title.

The game studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia, has slated its newest mobile game SparkLine for release in Q2 2023. Developed for both Android and iOS, this free-to-play title combines heart-rending stories and heart-pounding rhythm game action.

Image credit: WizDream Games

SparkLine is a rhythm title that follows the adventures within the “World of Spark,” an in-universe VR action game. We follow six protagonists with intertwining stories of friendship and growth.

The game’s main features include:

  • Fun and challenging rhythm game action that includes taps, holds, slides, and dodges, available for both absolute beginners and thrill-seekers
  • Story-driven focus featuring six main character stories
  • Unique artwork and a 25+ song collection crafted for a true audio-visual treat

Videos of actual SparkLine gameplay showcase the finger-twisting action, eye-catching artwork, and a catchy mix of genres in their discography.

The rhythm game genre is a crowd favorite, garnering casual and hardcore fans. With the addition of an excellent pop soundtrack that’s addictive beyond your playtime, WizDream Games hope to have a hit on its hands.

Signing up for the WizDream Games newsletter will not only keep you up to date on their games, but you will also receive a SparkLine mini-album! This includes 4 songs composed by Iris feat. LynH, MYUKKE, Kaede Hiyamae, and ZxNX.

Image credit: WizDream Games

You can follow SparkLine’s developments on the WizDream Games website, as well as on Twitter and YouTube.


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