October 13, 2023

Andreas Betsche

Survival of the Spookiest: Project UNSEEK’s Release Date Announced

October 13, 2023 | Andreas Betsche

Indonesian independent game developer Arsanesia has unveiled the release date for its upcoming title, Project UNSEEK. The game is scheduled to debut on November 10, 2023, on Steam for both Windows and Mac. Further releases for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile platforms are anticipated later.

An asymmetrical multiplayer game from Indonesia

Project UNSEEK is a 2v6 asymmetrical multiplayer game, drawing inspiration from a diverse blend of sources, including the chilling vibes of 80s slasher horror movies, the enigmatic urban legends enshrined within the SCP Foundation’s extensive lore, and futuristic elements steeped in science fiction. Within this eerie and mysterious context, players are thrust into a spine-tingling challenge that pits them against one another, casting them in the roles of either beleaguered High Schoolers or tough Mythical Creatures, all set within the confines of a foreboding experimental environment.

Survive or be hunted

The game stages a random division of players into two distinct factions: six Humans and the other two Creatures, each character endowed with various unique skills and traits. Human players are charged with a daunting task: to navigate the treacherous woods, ensuring their escape while avoiding the clutches of the lurking Creatures. In contrast, the Creatures’ role entails capturing the Humans or obstructing their escape, all while the relentless clock ticks down. The pervasive, fog-laden setting should further heighten the tension, obscuring players’ vision and permitting them to distinguish between allies and adversaries only within the confines of their limited field of view.

Project Unseek's release date has been announced.

Regarding visual aesthetics, Project UNSEEK presents a compelling mixture of whimsical and quirky 90s-era cartoon series intertwined with a disconcerting ambience evocative of Tim Burton’s iconic horror style.

Project UNSEEK demo still available after release date

As the official release date approaches, players can anticipate an expanded array of playable characters and maps, significantly more than in the demo version. Notably, the demo remains accessible on Steam for those seeking to acquaint themselves with the game’s mechanics before buying on the release date.

Andreas Betsche

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