October 13, 2023

Nissie Arcega

Double The Trouble: Troublemaker Sequel And Live Action Movie In the Works

October 13, 2023 | Nissie Arcega

At today’s IGDX Conference, the Gamecom Team dropped big news that they’re working on some ambitious projects for the next two years. Following the success of their last game, Troublemaker, they’re shifting focus towards building their own IP, with both a game sequel and a live-action movie in development.

More Dreams, More Friendship

Expanding on the story, Troublemaker 2: Beyond Dream picks up two years after the ending of the first game. Moving beyond the four walls of the classroom, you explore the fictional city of South Jayakarta, brawling your way through fun mini-games, stylish combat, and immersive quests. The game is now available to wishlist on Steam.

High School on the Silver Screen

Collaborating with the online game publisher and movie production company, LYTO, the Gamecom team wants to bring the action to the big screen with Parakacuk, the Troublemaker live-action movie. In the past years since expanding into the filmmaking business, LYTO has previously created Pamali, Dread Out, and Hit and Run.

According to Reza Febri Nanda, the CEO of Gamecom Team, they hope to champion Indonesian culture by featuring an all-Indonesian cast.

Find out more about the projects and stay updated on the Gamecom website.

Nissie Arcega

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