DreadHaunt Early Access

DreadHaunt Enters Steam Early Access, Expanding DreadOut Series into Multiplayer 

The chilling and renowned DreadOut series has leapt into online multiplayer gaming with its latest iteration, DreadHaunt, now available on Steam Early Access. This move significantly departs from the series’ single-player experiences, venturing into 4v1 co-op and PVP multiplayer horror and deception. DreadHaunt: A Nightmarish Indonesian Multiplayer Horror DreadHaunt’s sudden release was unveiled at the […]

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Project Unseek Release Date

Survival of the Spookiest: Project UNSEEK’s Release Date Announced

Indonesian independent game developer Arsanesia has unveiled the release date for its upcoming title, Project UNSEEK. The game is scheduled to debut on November 10, 2023, on Steam for both Windows and Mac. Further releases for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile platforms are anticipated later. An asymmetrical multiplayer game from Indonesia Project UNSEEK is a […]

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Baro Kart, a Mario-Kart-like fun racer from Indonesia.

Baro Kart: A Mario Kart-like Racing Game from Indonesia

Satriver Studio, renowned for their game “Crazy Delivery Rumble“, is teaming up with CRX Entertainment to develop Baro Kart—a racing game with a casual vibe reminiscent of the popular Mario Kart. While the game’s official release date is yet to be announced, it will be available for PC gamers on Steam. Embark on a thrilling […]

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A Throwdown of Titans: GigaBash promises multiplayer kaiju mayhem

GigaBash is a four-player monster brawler where you pick from a cast of nine varied and wholly original yet fondly nostalgic titans and go to town on the… town, and each other, of course. Developed by the very aptly-named Passion Republic Games, GigaBash oozes passion for the tokusatsu genre, AKA those Japanese science fiction productions with a heavy focus on practical effects, such as Godzilla, Kamen Rider or what became known to the west as Power Rangers.

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A new operator from Singapore is coming with Season 3 for Rainbow Six: Siege

Publisher Ubisoft has announced Season 3 for the popular multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege with “Operation Brutal Swarm.” In addition to a new map and numerous gameplay improvements, the latest update brings a new playable operator from Singapore. Fans from Southeast Asia and around the world can look forward to stepping into the boots of […]

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Experienced developers from Indonesia are working on new hope for NFT gaming 

NFTs in games, or so-called Web3 gaming, is and has been a sore topic for the gaming community. While a new technological era full of new possibilities (and wealth) dawned for some, blockchain gaming means nothing less than the demise of gaming as entertainment products for others. Criticism that games are becoming labor-intensive processes due to the new technology and that “Pay 2 Earn” is in the foreground cannot necessarily be dismissed out of hand. Still, the catastrophic effects of blockchain on the environment appear even more severe in this context. After the initial excitement, the hype surrounding NFTs seems to have died down somewhat, which may allow for a new perspective.

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