January 17, 2024

Andreas Betsche

New Game By Mojiken: Toge Productions Celebrates 15 Years with Exciting Announcements

January 17, 2024 | Andreas Betsche

Indonesian game development studio and publisher Toge Productions, one of Southeast Asia’s most prominent indie game creators, marked its 15th anniversary on January 17 by making a mystery-themed video full of new announcements and games! 

The most anticipated reveal was a new game from Mojiken Studio, the team behind the renowned A Space for the Unbound, being the first game released after Toge Productions merged with Mojiken Studio in 2023.

Toge Productions Unveils Moses & Plato – Last Train To Clawville

The first game announced was Moses & Plato – Last Train To Clawville. In this story-driven adventure game, developed by The Wild Gentlemen (Chicken Police) and published by Toge Productions, players will play the roles of anthropomorphic detectives Moses and Plato, who are investigating a murder that took place on a moving train.

The game will require players to interrogate suspects, find clues, and use their animal instincts to solve the case. Ultimately, the classic adventure game The Last Express comes to mind! Moses & Plato – Last Train To Clawville is set to be released on Steam.

Moses & Plato - Last Train To Clawville

Whisper Mountain Outbreak Returns: Multiplayer Survival Game Demo Now on Steam

Whisper Mountain Outbreak, Toge’s upcoming multiplayer survival game, is re-releasing its limited-time demo on Steam so players can experience the isometric “Indonesian Resident Evil” with their friends!

Kriegsfront Tactics Gets New Teaser

Kriegsfront Tactics, a Mecha tactics game set in an alternate 1980s Southeast Asia, also released a teaser video showcasing new scenes, including cinematics and story elements.

Toge Game Fund Initiative Expands With More Games from Southeast Asian Developers

The Toge Game Fund Initiative has also gained more games, including Burnt Out Capital from Kindling Interactive (Malaysia), Project Mansion from Pendopo Studio, Project Sekuter from MyHand Studio, Project Helix from Helix Interactive, and The Chef’s Shift from Panitia Gamedev (all from Indonesia). 

High School Overdrive from Studio Tubanar (Brunei Darussalam) and Project Descent from Kotakoren (Malaysia) have completed the program, meaning we could hear more about these games soon.

Mojiken Studio “Shadow Drops” Surprise Game on Steam

Finally, Mojiken Studio revealed the release of their next game called TEST TEST TEST, which is now on Steam for free

It is a point-and-click puzzle adventure where players must escape a 15-minute time loop as an overworked office employee. TEST TEST TEST is a great way to pass the time until Mojiken Studios reveals what they are currently working on.

New Game by Mojiken Studio: TEST TEST TEST

Sale on Steam

Now is a good time if you haven’t played any of Toge’s most excellent games yet. They are hosting a Steam Publisher Sale with up to 90% off their games from January 18 to 25, 2024.

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