Indonesia Game Awards 2023 Winner and Nominees

Indonesia Game Awards 2023: Gaming Brilliance Takes Center Stage

The highly anticipated Indonesia Game Awards has returned triumphantly in 2023, setting the stage to celebrate the zenith of gaming ingenuity, where visual splendor, auditory mastery, and overall gaming magic converge under the archipelago’s banner. The spotlight is firmly fixed on a roster of nominees, all born and bred within the vibrant Indonesian game development […]

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A Space For The Unbound surprises with new mysterious trailer

The unusual and delightfully good-looking pixel adventure A Space For The Unbound is to be released later this year. As part of the MIX Showcase, publisher PQube has shown a new trailer for the Indonesian slice-of-life narrative adventure, which offers more gameplay but raises more story questions than answers.

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‘When The Past Was Around’ is the game we desperately needed in these stressful pandemic times

Sometimes it’s only short moments that have a big impact: When The Past Is Around is just a short game, but rarely has the experience been so impressive and emotional. This point ‘n click adventure by Mojiken Studio from Indonesia tells a story about love, loss, pain, and moving on, which doesn’t get lost in depression but also manages to remember and celebrate the beautiful things in life.

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