October 26, 2023

Andreas Betsche

Indonesian Resident Evil: Whisper Mountain Outbreak Demo Arrives on October 26

October 26, 2023 | Andreas Betsche

UPDATE 26.10.23: The limited-time demo of Whisper Mountain Outbreak is now available on Steam from October 26 to November 2!

Already nicknamed the “Indonesian Resident Evil”, Whisper Mountain: Outbreak, the anticipated isometric co-op survival horror game from the Indonesian indie powerhouse Toge Productions, creators of the beloved Coffee Talk series and the upcoming Kriegsfront Tactics, is set to receive a playable demo soon.

Reviving a Classic: The Story Behind Whisper Mountain Outbreak

Back in the early 2000s, Capcom introduced Resident Evil Outbreak, a survival horror title with online multiplayer featuring cooperative gameplay, but regrettably, it was ahead of its time and struggled commercially.

For two decades, fans of the franchise have yearned for the revival or remake of Resident Evil Outbreak. 

Recognizing this sincere demand, several key members of the Toge Productions team, including the studio’s founder and CEO, Kris Antoni, who call themselves ardent survival horror fans, decided to take matters into their own hands. In 2021, they embarked on a mission to create their own co-op survival horror game.

Indonesian Resident Evil: Whisper Mountain Outbreak

Survive the Horror of Mt. Bisik: Whisper Mountain Outbreak Demo Announced

Now, after years of development, Toge Productions unveils a time-limited demo for their isometric co-op survival horror, Whisper Mountain Outbreak.

A newly released trailer offers a glimpse of the forthcoming demo, showcasing the spine-tingling atmosphere of Mt. Bisik and some new gameplay sequences.

In this game, players are transported back to 1998 and find themselves on the slopes of the enigmatic Mt. Bisik, where ancient horrors have awakened, and an eerie curse blankets the mountain in an impenetrable fog.

Survival Through Unity: Indonesian Resident Evil To Focus On Cooperative Play

Whisper Mountain Outbreak will offer solo offline and online cooperative play with up to four players upon release.

In their quest for survival, players must grapple with puzzles while facing tenacious terror, battling hordes of monsters, and, above all else, staying alive.

Monstrous enemies will assail players in waves, necessitating the use of melee and ranged weaponry, as well as medicinal herbs to restore health. Team members must support one another, engaging in quick callouts, aiding fallen comrades, and sharing precious resources they uncover.

Countdown to Fear: Whisper Mountain Outbreak Demo Available on October 26

The path for Toge Productions seems clear: As in Resident Evil Outbreak, teamwork must be the linchpin. Players must pool their efforts to decipher puzzles, locate keys, unlock doors, and chart a path to freedom from the accursed mountain, uncovering hidden secrets about the fog-shrouded town and its residents.

A screenshot from the Indonesian Resident Evil game.

Prepare to embark on the perilous journey across Mt. Bisik on October 26, 2023, when the demo for Whisper Mountain Outbreak will be available for download on Steam.

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