April 26, 2020


Malaysian Students Impress With Their High-Quality Game Projects

April 26, 2020 | Andreas

Due to the current corona pandemic, UOW Malaysia KDU has decided to have this year’s summer showcase of its student projects take place digitally. It is an ideal opportunity for us to introduce you to the games made by students of the Bachelor of Game Development at the School of Computing & Creative Media. It is impressive what Malaysia’s future game designers have achieved already: from a culturally inspired point & click adventure, to a musical brawler or even a Souls-like, everything is there to delight a gaming enthusiast’s heart and what’s the best: all games can be downloaded free of charge, the links can be found below. We have picked five highlights for you, but the other projects are also definitely worth a look. Our congratulations to the students and now have fun playing!

Don’t Stop The Party

Don’t Stop The Party can be seen as the showcase’s prestige project. The team at Avalon Systems delivers a multiplayer brawler that is amazingly polished and has high production values – especially ​​for a student game. Up to four players fight each other on a dance floor to hip-hop beats and there even is an AI, voice output and a really appealing art style. May the party never end!

Download Don’t Stop The Party for PC here.

Blood Moon: Genesis

We were overwhelmed by the gameplay and the visual design of Blood Moon: Genesis. Dark Souls fans will enjoy challenging fights that require quick reflexes and a constant switch between two stances, Lunar and Solar. In this fantasy version of a feudal Japan, it is our goal as fox lady Aiko to defeat the “Drunken Demon” – which turns out to be a tricky action hack’n slay!

Download Blood Moon: Genesis for PC here.

A Flower That Recalls

In the 2D point & click Adventure A Flower That Recalls, as Hong Hua we return to her parents’ home to find out the secret of her missing mother. The focus here is on dealing with one’s own culture, which in the game is Peranakan or Baba-Nyonya, an ethnic group defined by their genealogical descent from the first waves of Chinese settlers in the Malay Peninsula and Indonesian Archipelago. An exciting journey into the past and a topic that has so far been neglected in video games!

Download A Flower That Recalls for PC here.


With Pantang, the second point & click adventure of the showcase is also about Peranakan culture. Here, too, the focus is on reflecting origin, but the focus lies more on cultural taboos. An exciting twist that gives the theme a slightly supernatural and scary complexion. Furthermore, the adventure visually impresses with a unique look that is reminiscent of cut-out photos and collages.

Download Pantang for PC here.


Our last recommendation is Chonky, because cute cat content always works. In this 3D mobile game we roll around as a spherical cat through colorful levels full of blocky animals – cuteness overload (lol)! If this gameplay immediately makes you think of the classic game Katamari, you are not entirely wrong. 

Download Chonky for Android here.

Other noteworthy submissions:

Mecha Martial Arts

Download Mecha Martial Arts for Android here.

Slime Pewpew

Download Slime Pewpew for Android here.

Head Rescue

Download Head Rescue for Android here.

Kopitiam Tauke

Download Kopitiam Tauke for Android here.


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