Turn the digital pages of SEAsian-made visual novels at NOVELASIA

NOVELASIA by SEAGamethetic is a unique showcase highlighting one of the foremost genres in indie game development. The visual novel is a striking genre that showcases storytelling skills enhanced by art, music, game mechanics, and the like. Southeast Asia has produced well-known examples in games like Coffee Talk from Indonesia, The Letter from the Philippines, […]

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gamescom asia 2023 trade conference 2023

Gamescom Asia 2023: Trade Conference and Zone Recap

Business is booming in Singapore as gamescom asia 2023’s Trade Conference and Trade Zone started off the much-awaited event! Gamescom asia dedicated stages and talks that allowed game industry professionals to share on important topics they have expertise on. Aside from talks, panels allowed for knowledge-sharing and a wide range of perspectives about specific topics. […]

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gamescom asia 2023 lineup

Gamescom Asia 2023 Lineup Boasts AAA and Indie Games

Gamescom Asia is set to return to Singapore from October 19th to 22nd, 2023. As the Asian counterpart to Gamescom in Germany, this event promises to showcase gaming innovation, industry insights, and gameplay experiences. This article gives an overview of gamescom asia 2023’s lineup and schedule, providing an overview of which studios will attend and […]

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Game Jam+ reopens its doors to Manila, pushes for another Filipino win

Hot off a historic win, the Philippines is hosting another year of Game Jam+, the world’s largest game development marathon, this October. Though most game jams focus on creation and community, Game Jam+ kicks things up by incorporating business savvy into its program, giving young video game developers opportunities to turn their games into businesses.

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Level Up KL 2021: New Games from SEA & more

Level Up KL 2021 was held as an online event featuring an array of game development talks. The variety of topics ranged from the rise of the blockchain gaming market to the growth of the Southeast Asian game development scene.

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