October 22, 2023


Gamescom Asia 2023: Entertainment Zone Recap

October 22, 2023 | Kenzie

For the first time in gamescom asia’s history, the 2023 edition put together a B2C hall, opening the conference to the public and even more gaming lovers.

Here are some of the attractions that delivered thrills to the conference’s first consumer audience:

gamescom asia 2023 Entertainment Zone

Huge names in gaming show up for gamescom asia, including Capcom, Ubisoft, Xbox and PlayStation!

The Ukrainian-made S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is a highly anticipated game, and fans flocked to its booth.

gamescom asia 2023 Entertainment Zone

Board games got their own spotlight at the event.

Board Games

Popular publisher of fighting games, Arc System Works, shows off their celebrated history.

Arc System Works

Virtual SEA making a cameo in the guest’s center!

Various games and publishers, including Singaporean powerhouse Ysbryd Games, showed off fun demos.

The Indie Wavemakers Rally showcased even more indie games for fans to try out.

gamescom asia 2023 Entertainment Zone Indie Wavemakers

Many devs were present to get player feedback and share stories on their development process.

Here’s a list of the indie studios showing off their best:

  • AeonSparx Interactive
  • Battlebrew Productions
  • Battlejuice Alchemist
  • Cats on Duty
  • Cloud of Pinky
  • DDmeow Games
  • Gata Games
  • Green Goo Games
  • Junkfish
  • Khayalan Arts
  • Khuga
  • Memory Lost
  • Mergician Productions
  • Nodding Head Games
  • Ripples Asia
  • Rocketlion
  • RunOut
  • Spicka Soft
  • Sprytosaur
  • Squid Shock Studios
  • Star of Star
  • Starstruck Games
  • Tantanmen Games
  • Threecorn
  • TrueWorld Studios
  • WizDream Games
  • Wrought Studio
  • Yangyang Mobile


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