October 28, 2023

Andreas Betsche

DreadHaunt Enters Steam Early Access, Expanding DreadOut Series into Multiplayer 

October 28, 2023 | Andreas Betsche

The chilling and renowned DreadOut series has leapt into online multiplayer gaming with its latest iteration, DreadHaunt, now available on Steam Early Access. This move significantly departs from the series’ single-player experiences, venturing into 4v1 co-op and PVP multiplayer horror and deception.

DreadHaunt: A Nightmarish Indonesian Multiplayer Horror

DreadHaunt’s sudden release was unveiled at the recent Southeast Asian Games Showcase during gamescom asia 2023. The game introduces players to a nightmarish Indonesia consumed by a massive demonic foe. Players step into the shoes of a class E field agent tasked with securing, containing, and destroying the source of evil to save the country.

Tension and Deception Define the Gameplay

The game’s asymmetric multiplayer setup is a departure from its predecessors. Players are thrust into a situation where they play either as one of four survivors or as the evil force lurking to hunt them. Adding an element of suspense, the evil entity remains unknown until later in the match, promising an atmosphere ripe for suspicion and tension.

Ghosts and Mythology Drawn from Indonesian-Asian Lore

Famed for introducing Indonesian horror to the gaming world, DreadHaunt draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Indonesian-Asian lore, infusing the game with supernatural ghosts and monsters. As known from the series, players can expect to encounter these eerie entities, vividly crafted from local myths and legends.

DreadHaunt Early Access: Characters, Ghosts, and Game Modes

In this Early Access version, the game offers six characters, two ghosts, one map, a single gameplay mode, and a set of ten game modifier cards. While still in development, the creators Digital Happiness, have outlined plans for future updates, including new characters, ghosts, maps, and even a solo mode. The recent additions, such as the card-based modifier system and improved assets, reflect the ongoing development and refinement process.

Digital Happiness Promises Future Updates

Players diving into DreadHaunt during Early Access can earn experience points that promise rewards upon the game’s full release in Q1 2024. This early stage provides a peek into what the game will offer, with the potential for expansions, character skins, and additional features on the horizon.

DreadHaunt’s Early Access: Potential, Hopes and Concerns

It’s important to note that while the game shows promise, certain aspects still need to be clarified, such as the specifics of forthcoming updates, the player base growth, and the overall evolution of gameplay as development progresses. One thing that is apparent at first sight is that the game hasn’t made significant leaps in graphics, with blurry textures, wonky animations and a general lack of modern 3D features. We earnestly hope that the early access start can give the developers a push to update the game’s visuals as well.

Brave souls intrigued by the eerie realm of Indonesian ghosts and mythology can embark on their DreadHaunt journey by accessing the Early Access version on Steam, available now.

Andreas Betsche

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