July 15, 2023

Andreas Betsche

Baro Kart: A Mario Kart-like Racing Game from Indonesia

July 15, 2023 | Andreas Betsche

Satriver Studio, renowned for their game “Crazy Delivery Rumble“, is teaming up with CRX Entertainment to develop Baro Kart—a racing game with a casual vibe reminiscent of the popular Mario Kart. While the game’s official release date is yet to be announced, it will be available for PC gamers on Steam.

A screenshot of Baro Kart,  Mario Kart-like fun racer.

Embark on a thrilling adventure alongside Baro and his friends as they strive to save the universe from an evil witch doctor. Racing is the ultimate challenge; you, as the hero, hold the key to their success. Baro, Wendy, Yanto, and Mino train together to prepare for an upcoming racing competition. Everything is going well until the third round, when Bonke and Berta unexpectedly intervene in the middle of the race. Despite attempts to fight them, several racers get hypnotized and kidnapped. Now, Baro and his friends must join forces to rescue their companions.

World Tour: Race in Bali, Egypt, or Ancient Greece

Baro Kart boasts a roster of twelve characters, including the iconic Baro, along with his companions Mun-Ra, Sulf’r, and Mino. Players will also encounter the mischievous duo Berta and Bonke, who add an extra layer of challenge. Traverse through a universe filled with diverse landscapes by racing on over 13 tracks set in locations like Bali, Egypt, the Nordics, and Greece. You can employ a range of special attacks and divine defenses to gain an edge over your rivals, including elemental strikes and alchemy. The game will offer three modes: Story Mode, Arcade, and Battle Arena, catering to various gaming preferences. Additionally, players can choose from three difficulty levels—50cc, 100cc, and 150cc—to customize their experience. Baro Kart also supports local multiplayer, allowing up to four players to compete against each other for a shared experience.

In Baro Kart you can race around the world, for example Egypt.

The Verdict: Can Baro Kart Match the Fun of Mario Kart?

Numerous game development studios have tried to capture the magic of Mario Kart, but none have managed to dethrone it as the reigning champion of fun racing games. Satriver Studio, with their experience developing racing games showcased in “Crazy Delivery Rumble” for mobile devices, aims to create an equally enjoyable experience with Baro Kart. While the visually appealing screenshots demonstrate a bright and captivating game, a first verdict on gameplay awaits the release of the demo version. To stay updated on Baro Kart’s progress, add it to your Steam wishlist and anticipate an exciting racing adventure that may rival even the best in the genre.

Several power-ups will give you an advantage over the other racers.

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