Troublemaker sequel announced

Double The Trouble: Troublemaker Sequel And Live Action Movie In the Works

At today’s IGDX Conference, the Gamecom Team dropped big news that they’re working on some ambitious projects for the next two years. Following the success of their last game, Troublemaker, they’re shifting focus towards building their own IP, with both a game sequel and a live-action movie in development. More Dreams, More Friendship Expanding on […]

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Babol The Walking Box Is A Platformer Only For Frustration-resistant Gamers

It is hard to believe, but yes, Babol The Walking Box is really the name of this game. In Gamecom Team’s latest work, we actually play the eponymous box and run, jump and puzzle our way through colourful 3D levels, which in their best moments are reminiscent of the PlayStation classic Crash Bandicoot. Unfortunately, the game has some problems and can not achieve the quality of the prominent role model.

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A Day Without Me: There’s a fine line between mystery and confusion

Waking up and leaving the house is just the beginning of the nightmare the player goes through in A Day Without Me, the debut of Gamecom Team. You get out of bed and must find out about your existence in an empty, chaotic neighborhood. Following a vibrating noise through the doors of your house and after finally switching it off, you’ll find yourself in front of a demonic ritual circle. The other doors are locked, protected by devils’ faces on the door plate. What the heck is going on…?

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