Pixel of Memory: A Minimalist Pixel Puzzle Experience

Get ready to unwind with Pixel of Memory, a cozy pixel puzzle game developed by Hiker Games, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. In a world filled with constant noise and sensory overload, Pixel of Memory wants to offer a refreshing escape into a simpler, more nostalgic realm. This minimalist pixel puzzle game will take you on […]

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Project Unseek Release Date

Survival of the Spookiest: Project UNSEEK’s Release Date Announced

Indonesian independent game developer Arsanesia has unveiled the release date for its upcoming title, Project UNSEEK. The game is scheduled to debut on November 10, 2023, on Steam for both Windows and Mac. Further releases for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile platforms are anticipated later. An asymmetrical multiplayer game from Indonesia Project UNSEEK is a […]

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Makers of Malice Announce Chiyo: An Ancient Japan Horror Game to Haunt You in 2023

Malaysian indie game studio Nimbus Games has unveiled their latest creation, Chiyo – a first-person puzzle game set in ancient Japan’s Edo period. Scheduled for release in late 2023, Chiyo promises to immerse players in a world of terror and intrigue, much like its predecessor, Malice. A Return to Ancient Japan’s Edo Era Chiyo shares […]

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The Scourge | Tai Ương: Vietnamese Horror in the Heart of Saigon

The Scourge | Tai Ương, a spine-chilling Vietnamese horror adventure, has lurked in the shadows since its initial reveal. However, we’re excited to bring fresh updates about this ambitious game. While the full game’s release is still on the horizon, eager players can now delve into the eerie world of The Scourge | Tai Ương with a demo version available on Steam.

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Aquarium Odyssey Expansion for Let’s Build A Zoo Will Be Out Soon

Singaporean zoo game developer Springloaded has revealed the upcoming release of the latest DLC, Aquarium Odyssey, for the popular pixel-art management simulation, Let’s Build a Zoo. The expansion will be out on August 17th, 2023, on Steam, Epic, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Aquarium Odyssey DLC goes deep down into the ocean  The core feature […]

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News announcing the launch of the RPG game Fractals of Destiny.

Fractals of Destiny: New Indonesian RPG Comes to Steam EA

Krakatoa Studios from Indonesia has recently announced the upcoming RPG “Fractals of Destiny” to launch on Steam Early Access. This hybrid RPG game blends action-packed gameplay with classic RPG features, set against a fantasy world backdrop. Players are promised an unforgettable adventure filled with adrenaline-pumping action and a beautiful fantasy universe. Introducing “Fractals of Destiny”, […]

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