February 4, 2024

Andreas Betsche

Legendary Hoplite Review: More than a Trojan Horse is needed to win this game

February 4, 2024 | Andreas Betsche

Legendary Hoplite is a game that combines elements of tower defence and action RPGs. It is published by Vietnamese studio TripleBricksGames and publisher Ravenage Games and is set in ancient Greece with a strong influence of Greek mythology in its aesthetics and storytelling. Find out was distinguishes this game from other genre titles in our Legendary Hoplite review.

We play as Dio, a young captain who must defend his hometown and all of Ithaca from evil forces, after Odysseus, the King of Ithaca and hero of the Trojan War, has died.

Plants vs Zombies in Greece: Legendary Hoplite is standard TD

The gameplay mechanics of Legendary Hoplite are similar to the classic game Plants vs Zombies, where we erect defences like palisades, spear fighters, and catapults on different lanes to defend against waves of enemies. We earn gold by killing enemies, which we can use to deploy more units.

A screenshot used for the Legendary Hoplite review, showing a cutscene from the game.
The game’s story is told in stylish cutscenes.

But gives a fresh coat of paint by adding action gameplay

Legendary Hoplite stands out in its action RPG elements. In addition to managing the defence units, we also control the captain, who stands behind the units. We can move between lanes, attack with our spear, and use up to four special skills to help our armies. However, attacking and using abilities require stamina, which can only be refilled when we stand still. This creates a challenging risk-reward system that can get intense during heavy waves of attacks.

A screenshot used in the Legendary Hoplite review, showing a scene from the battlefield.
In the beginning, we have to fend off one-eyed ogres with merely a few palisaded and brave phalanx warriors.

Between battles, we can upgrade our stats and buy new unit traits through the RPG system. However, only four different unit types can be brought into battle, so we must choose wisely which units to take into battle.

A screenshot of Legendary Hoplite, showing the unit upgrade screen.
Stone throwers can be powerful defenders, especially when upgraded, but they come at a high cost, too.

This is not at all a casual game

The game becomes quite challenging after the tutorial, with massive waves of enemies and tough boss fights blocking our path to victory. Only those who cleverly combine units, movement, and skills can endure, and it may even require a bit of grinding to bring our stats up to speed.

A screenshot for the Legendary Hoplite Review, showing a battle scene with many units and a boss fight.
Be prepared to fight fierce bosses and their massive armies of the undead.

The game’s only downside is the occasional need for grinding or trial-and-error before passing some of the more difficult stages. Legendary Hoplite is best played with a mouse and keyboard, as the controller mechanics seem overburdened with the number of possible actions.

Legendary Hoplite Review: Our verdict

If you enjoy Greek mythology and find other tower defence games too easy, you will enjoy Legendary Hoplite. The game is available for PC on Steam.

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