Helen: A Narrative Game about Self-discovery and Gratitude

Eternal Dream, the studio behind The Sun Shines Over Us, recently announced their latest title, Helen, at IGDX 2023. For this project, they collaborate with Glory Jam, the developers of What Comes After and Hello Goodboy. Helen is the protagonist of the game, and she dreams of becoming a professional violinist. Help Helen appreciate her […]

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Cuisineer: Shiok Mix of Dungeon-Crawling and Makan Magic comes in November

Cuisineer, the food-focused action roguelite game, is gearing up to launch on November 9th on Steam. Developed by Singaporean studio BattleBrew Productions and co-published globally by Marvelous Europe and XSEED Games, the game promises a unique blend of culinary delights and dungeon-crawling adventure. Adventurer Turns Chef The game places players in the shoes of Pom, […]

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DreadHaunt Early Access

DreadHaunt Enters Steam Early Access, Expanding DreadOut Series into Multiplayer 

The chilling and renowned DreadOut series has leapt into online multiplayer gaming with its latest iteration, DreadHaunt, now available on Steam Early Access. This move significantly departs from the series’ single-player experiences, venturing into 4v1 co-op and PVP multiplayer horror and deception. DreadHaunt: A Nightmarish Indonesian Multiplayer Horror DreadHaunt’s sudden release was unveiled at the […]

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Aquatia Header

Aquatia: An Anime RPG That’s All Wet (In a Good Way!)

Aquatia, developed by the indie studio Rocketlion in Thailand, is an upcoming third-person anime-action RPG game slated for release on PC in 2024. The game tells the epic journey of Anatia, the brave hero of Valeria Kingdom, on a vital quest to defeat an evil witch and restore tranquility to a realm in turmoil. The […]

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Expedition Journal: Nusantara Adventures

Entry 1: Unveiling the Enigma As I embark on this digital expedition, Nusantara Adventures unveils itself, a mysterious world that fuses roguelike action and real-time combat. A complex journey inspired by the Malay Sultanate era. The game comes to life under the banner of Moredoor Interactive, a budding indie game studio nestled within the heart […]

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Space Tales RTS Header

RTS Space Tales Set to Launch Kickstarter Campaign on October 18

The Vietnamese indie development studio Saigon Dragon is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming real-time strategy (RTS) game, Space Tales, on Steam. The campaign is scheduled to kick off on October 18, coinciding with the release of a playable demo. Lead the I.P.E. Commanders In Space Tales, players assume the roles of […]

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