July 23, 2023

Andreas Betsche

Fractals of Destiny: New Indonesian RPG Comes to Steam EA

July 23, 2023 | Andreas Betsche

Krakatoa Studios from Indonesia has recently announced the upcoming RPG “Fractals of Destiny” to launch on Steam Early Access. This hybrid RPG game blends action-packed gameplay with classic RPG features, set against a fantasy world backdrop. Players are promised an unforgettable adventure filled with adrenaline-pumping action and a beautiful fantasy universe.

Zerva is the main protagonist of the RPG "Fractals of Destiny.

Introducing “Fractals of Destiny”, a New RPG Adventure

The game’s protagonist is Zerva, a heroic character who emerges victorious from a cataclysmic war in the distant future, bringing much-needed peace to the universe. However, Zerva’s journey darkens when her partner, Eldran, tragically dies. This loss shatters her power and confidence, presenting players with a compelling emotional narrative.

Engage in Intense Battles: Early Access Features

The Early Access phase will allow players to dive into the “Fractals of Destiny” world and explore its various features. 

Here are some exciting aspects that players can experience during this stage:

  • Players get to control Zerva, the protagonist, and four supporting characters as they engage in intense battles against powerful bosses. Each character will have their own set of abilities and skills.
  • It is an intense boss battle system where players can test their skills and strategies.
  • Gather in-game items that can be used to replenish their health and mana. Properly managing these resources is essential to their survival and victory in battles.
Fractals of Destiny's action RPG system serves for effect-driven battles.

Personalize Your Journey: Talent and Skill Systems

“Fractals of Destiny” features a personalized RPG talent system that enables players to customize their character’s stats according to their preferred gameplay style and to improve their combat performance.

As players progress and explore new territories, they unlock additional abilities for their characters, which become more robust and gain more power by further developing these skills.

Become Part of the Development: Early Access Opportunity

Early Access provides a unique opportunity for players to participate in the game’s development process. By providing valuable feedback and suggestions, players can contribute to the refinement of “Fractals of Destiny” and witness its growth firsthand.

Exploration plays an important role in the RPG Fractals of Destiny.

Fractals of Destiny Early Access: Get the RPG For A Special Price on Steam

For those interested in embarking on this epic adventure, the Early Access version of “Fractals of Destiny”  will be available on July 24, 2023, at a special price on the Steam store.

The official trailer already gives a glimpse of the game’s gameplay and visuals.

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