November 9, 2022

Andreas Betsche

Someone just made a Filipino version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

November 9, 2022 | Andreas Betsche

We are often surprised by unusual games that appear out of nowhere. Agnostiko, from Singles Alliance, is one such project. And the pitch sounds promising: A Pinoy-style Metroidvania, in 2D pixel art, inspired by the PlayStation classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Agnostiko is set in a steampunk version of the Philippines in the 1890s, where mythological monsters are rampant in Manila. We take on the role of the mysterious “Man with the Red Scarf” and explore a spooky old mansion, fight the unholy beings, and have to find out the secret behind all this.

The parallels to the great Metroidvania model become crystal clear with its 2D sidescrolling view, the combat system, and the general retro style.

It’s great that in Agnostiko, we can encounter many elements of Filipino mythology. Not only is the game set in the Philippines, but we’re also supposed to fight local monsters like Manananggal, Kapre, Tikbalang, or Mambabarang. The “Pinoy feeling” is reinforced by the game’s voiceover in Tagalog (with English subtitles).

Behind Agnostiko is Leoned Andrew Tumbaga, aka Singles Alliance, a one-person developer from San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, Philippines. According to his own statements, he developed the game himself in just two months.

Agnostiko is currently available on the Xbox Store and Google Play. A PC version is in development. Fun fact: There’s a homebrew version for the good old PS Vita for those looking for a truly retro experience.

Andreas Betsche

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