Window Garden Header

Window Garden Blooms on the iOS App Store Soon

The dreamy idle gardening game Window Garden from CLOVER-FI Games is making its way to the App Store. This exciting new development from the Philippines-based mobile game studio grants users of the iOS ecosystem their own pixel-perfect indoor biospheres! You can pre-order Window Garden on the App Store here, and is expected to be released […]

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DADOO Header

DADOO’s frantic multiplayer mayhem launches today

DADOO: Twists, Turns, and Mischiefs is a multiplayer video game developed by Indonesian studio Algorocks. It is an online version of the classic board game “Snakes and Ladders”, featuring additional dice, ability cards and unique player skills to make it more exciting.  DADOO is a fun casual game that can be played solo or with […]

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Sinag Fighting Game Tekken

Ranida Games Announces SINAG – A New Take on Fighting Games Like Tekken

Philippine indie game studio Ranida Games has announced the pre-registration launch of SINAG on Google Play. This offering wants to combine the allure of Philippine mythology with deep and engaging gameplay mechanics, delivering a fresh take on the beloved fighting game genre. SINAG intends to appeal to casual gamers and dedicated fans of fighting games […]

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Indonesian mobile rhythm game SparkLine slides onto the stage in 2023

Fresh from their gamescom asia 2022 visit, WizDream Games has announced its latest title.
The game studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia, has slated its newest mobile game for release in Q2 2023. Developed for both Android and iOS, this free-to-play title combines heart-rending stories and heart-pounding rhythm game action.

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Decrypt the secret of Simulacra 3, buried somewhere in a smartphone

SIMULACRA 3, released by Kaigan Games, is a narrative thriller puzzle game where players investigate mysterious disappearances using a cursed phone’s interface. While offering intuitive gameplay and engaging dialogue, the game’s horror elements fall short. It features multiple endings and an atmospheric build-up but has been critiqued for underdeveloped mechanics and an anti-climactic deus ex machina ending. Despite its flaws, it provides a polished detective experience and is available on PC and mobile platforms.

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