November 11, 2023


SCRYsoft Indie Game Development Fund is Live and Looking for Indies to Support

November 11, 2023 | Kenzie

SCRYsoft, the Kuala Lumpur-based publishing arm of Play Interactive Asia, has announced the launch of its indie game development fund. This exciting and ambitious new fund is looking for equally talented developers with the passion and faith to make their sketches and projects real.

SCRYsoft (Malice, Chiyo) is seeking high-potential indie games that are 50% complete in their development cycle. The USD 1,000,000 fund is planned to be split among ten indie teams, with grants capped at USD 100,000-300,000 each.

In their quest to support indie studios on their game development journey, SCRYsoft will be offering the following forms of publishing support:

  • Funding
  • Marketing
  • Game Production
  • Game Publishing
  • IP Rights

SCRYsoft’s Indie Game Development Fund aims to reach the corners of the world for the best and most surprising indie talent.

Lead Publisher Ian Heng says:

The fund is set up to present a unique opportunity to creators worldwide with unique ideas who lack the resources to achieve their game development dream with the right support.

Interested indie developers should note the specific eligibility requirements:

  • Indie developers from any part of the world
  • Digital games for PC and console platforms
  • Games that are more than 50% complete in their dev cycle
  • Games that have a projected timeline of 1-2 years for completion

Does your team and game follow the above criteria? You’re ready to sign up and submit your game at this link. The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2023.

You can access the Play Interactive page or contact to learn more about the fund.

Such incredible opportunities could help create the next Southeast Asian superstars. Take the chance to build the game of your dreams!


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