November 11, 2023

Virtual SEA

Lost Day

November 11, 2023 | Virtual SEA

Lina is a normal high school student at Adelheid High School, but her life is a constant struggle. Her father abandoned her and her mother due to his scandal, and her classmates bullied her because of it. At home, her mother is too occupied with her work to care for her daughter. But one day, an unexpected event changes Lina’s life forever – the end of the world. What Lina wished for the most – freedom from her nightmare – is granted, but not in the way she expected. The world slowly disintegrates and a group of undead attacks the small city where Lina lives. Despite the chaos, Lina finally finds people who care for her, make her smile, and make her laugh. But just as happiness can turn into sadness, the reverse is also true.

In this 2D atmospheric drama horror game, players guide Lina through her story as she navigates the dangers of the small city overrun by the undead. Every interaction with the world determines the story’s outcome, and every choice made by the player has a significant impact on the final outcome.

Virtual SEA

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