Scrysoft Indie Game Development Fund

SCRYsoft Indie Game Development Fund is Live and Looking for Indies to Support

SCRYsoft, the Kuala Lumpur-based publishing arm of Play Interactive Asia, has announced the launch of its indie game development fund. This exciting and ambitious new fund is looking for equally talented developers with the passion and faith to make their sketches and projects real. SCRYsoft (Malice, Chiyo) is seeking high-potential indie games that are 50% […]

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Makers of Malice Announce Chiyo: An Ancient Japan Horror Game to Haunt You in 2023

Malaysian indie game studio Nimbus Games has unveiled their latest creation, Chiyo – a first-person puzzle game set in ancient Japan’s Edo period. Scheduled for release in late 2023, Chiyo promises to immerse players in a world of terror and intrigue, much like its predecessor, Malice. A Return to Ancient Japan’s Edo Era Chiyo shares […]

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