October 12, 2022


Indonesian game developers conference IGDX kicks off this week in Bali

October 12, 2022 | Kenzie

October is indeed a month of excitement for the Southeast Asian games industry, as this weekend welcomes the return of one of the biggest gaming conferences in the region: IGDX 2022.

Organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemkominfo) and the Asosiasi Game Indonesia (AGI), the annual IGDX event held in Bali, Indonesia, brings together different parts of the industry – developers, publishers, investors, content creators, technology and service providers, and more.

The event is held in two parts: IGDX Business and the IGDX Conference.

IGDX Business will be held on October 14-15 and will be a business matching event to help facilitate new connections within the industry.

IGDX Conference will be held on October 15-16 and will highlight talks from distinguished speakers on a variety of topics, ranging from business-minded insights to career-defining experiences.

Indonesia has an impressive footprint in the region’s gaming ecosystem. IGDX 2022 will feature its brightest stars and most exciting initiatives.

Last year, in an online capacity, 33 local and 79 foreign companies, totaling 135 representatives from 112 companies, originating from 19 countries around the world. This year looks forward to an even more impressive showing and 

While highlighting its local success stories and experienced players, IGDX also encourages regional and international ties in the games industry by inviting several speakers and participants from around the globe.

VirtualSEA will be on site to cover IGDX 2022 events and activities. Who knows, we may also witness some of the best new collaborations for the Indonesian and Southeast Asian games markets while we’re there!


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