October 13, 2022


IGDX Conference 2022 line-up features important insights into the gaming industry

October 13, 2022 | Kenzie

The gaming industry may be a complex and evolving ecosystem that is all at once exciting and intimidating. The young industry is even younger in the Southeast Asian region, and that’s why many of its proponents and participants are always hungry for new knowledge and experience.

IGDX Conference 2022 highlights these important aspects through a series of panels focused on the games industry. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a young upstart hoping to get your foot in the door, there’s something for you at this knowledge-filled event.

Do you see any talks that you think would be right up your alley? VirtualSEA is excited to listen to these insightful programs and learn more from game industry veterans!


Kenzie received a second childhood by crunching five generations of video game history in her free time – out of pure boredom and fascination. Since then, she’s been obsessively playing and writing about games and interactive fiction. She hopped aboard VirtualSEA to discover more about the regional game industry and help promote its talent and titles. She has a rolling list of favorite games, but Knights of the Old Republic and Horizon Zero Dawn come out on top.

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