January 19, 2017

Andreas Betsche

Singaporean game studio Springloaded is the winner of 2017 Indie Pitch Arena at GMGC Manila

January 19, 2017 | Andreas Betsche

From 12th to 13th January the Global Mobile Game Confederation (GMGC) held their conference in Manila. Aside from keynotes and panels, the Indie Pitch Arena (IPA) was a highlight of the event. Various indie developers presented their games and Nether Realms by Singaporean Studio Springloaded came up as the jury’s winner.

Indie Pitch Arena Winner

Happy winners! Singaporean developers Springloaded receiving their price trophy. © GMGC

Nether Realms, which is still under development, will be a mix between tower defense and RPG games and is inspired by cult classics such as Plants VS. Zombies or Spore. Basically, players will send their monsters into battle to defeat other monsters. By collecting the souls of fallen enemies, they can rebuild their armies or train new monsters. The trick is to find the right balance between expanding your own territory and building up protective defenses. All this will happen in a beautiful 2D pixel environment set in a fantasy underworld.

Nether Realms boss
An early view of one of the bosses. © Springloaded

Let’s hope that Springloaded can live up to the expectations and deliver a truly innovative and beautiful game for Android and Apple mobile phones that stands out from all the other tower defense games out there. The money received as IPA’s winner can surely help.

Andreas Betsche

Andreas Betsche founded Virtual SEA in early 2016 after researching Cambodian mobile games for his Master’s thesis. He has a background in Southeast Asia studies and has worked and lived in Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Since he has been actively playing games since the early 90s, combing both worlds in Virtual SEA brought together both of his passions.

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