September 5, 2022

Andreas Betsche

Publisher PQube targeted by severe claims once again, this time from Thailand

September 5, 2022 | Andreas Betsche

Following recent complaints from the Indonesian studio Toge Productions about issues with the publisher, a Thai company is now coming out about another controversy surrounding the publisher PQube. AeternoBlade series creator Corecell claims that PQube has withheld money and publishing rights.

In a press release, Corecell claims: “PQUBE only paid a small part of the minimum guarantee of the signing milestone by the time we sent them the game, and they never paid the remaining milestones.” Furthermore, Corecell claimed that despite their contract expiring in September 2020, the publisher had failed to return the publication rights for console platforms. The charges specifically relate to the console games AeternoBlade I and II.

In recent years, the Thai independent studio says to have made fruitless attempts to reclaim the rights and is still awaiting payment. The studio appears unable to file a lawsuit due to its financial predicament.

PQube addressed the accusations in-depth and made grave accusations in return, stating that Corecell broke their commitments towards improving the quality of their games and a publishing deal for the PC versions, among other things. The PC version was released by Corecell independently of PQube.

The statement also remarks on several attempts to resolve the situation: “Over the following 2 years, PQube proposed and sent numerous proposals and supporting agreements to revert rights to Corecell in line with their request, but these were not acknowledged by Corecell. Nevertheless, despite all of the challenges and the lack of communication from Corecell, PQube released its rights to the console versions back to Corecell well before the end of the agreement term.

By truth, most AeternoBlade 1 & 2 listings on console storefronts are currently listed under Corecell. Only AeternoBlade II appears to be still held by PQube for the Xbox. However, pinpointing the precise time of the switchover is difficult.

Despite their assertions, the publisher fails to completely dispel the claims because there is still no concrete proof (on either side). However, given that the alleged occurrences took place several years ago, the timing of Corecell’s claims is somewhat unexpected. Toge Productions, which recently leveled similar accusations against PQube, may have given the independent company some hope to raise its voice.

The future course of the situation is still uncertain. Whatever the circumstance, Corecell has stated that it would continue to improve AeternoBlade I & II, and PQube has promised to assist Corecell in returning their rights. It is uncertain whether the charges have permanently harmed the publisher’s reputation and whether the publisher’s other contractual partners will raise similar issues.

Andreas Betsche

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