January 23, 2023


Malaysian Developer’s Latest Game: Rogue AI Simulator – Will You Choose to be a Benevolent Scientist or a Ruthless Dictator?

January 23, 2023 | Andreas

Will you be deceitful like HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey or the murderous AI from The Terminator, or are you as friendly and helpful as Cortana from Halo or the latest trend AI ChatGPT?

Malaysian solo developer Nerdook Productions and publisher Surefire.Games have announced the release of Rogue AI Simulator, a rogue-lite management simulation game, on Steam. This game is a blend of science and strategy, where players take on the role of a mad scientist, managing human test subjects for the department of science at their top-secret facility.

Managing a research facility can be quite chaotic.

The objective is to design, build, and manage the facility while gathering resources and increasing science proficiency. Players can improve the subjects’ loyalty and intelligence by treating them well, eventually leading to them becoming self-sufficient. But it’s not all about being a good scientist; players can also manipulate, deceive and conquer using their acquired skills.

Hacking nodes is capsuled into a minigame.

The game includes features such as defending servers, hacking the subjects, and unlocking new abilities through increasing independence throughout each playthrough. Rogue AI Simulator is an experience that will test the limits of your morality, as players must decide whether to be a benevolent scientist or a ruthless dictator.

When attackers invade your base, the game switches to the tower defense genre.

Nerdook Productions is known for critically acclaimed games (The Magister) and successful flash games such as “I’m an Insane Rogue AI,” to which this new release is a spiritual successor.

The game is now available on Steam.


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