Legendary Hoplite Review

Legendary Hoplite Review: More than a Trojan Horse is needed to win this game

Legendary Hoplite is a game that combines elements of tower defence and action RPGs. It is published by Vietnamese studio TripleBricksGames and publisher Ravenage Games and is set in ancient Greece with a strong influence of Greek mythology in its aesthetics and storytelling. Find out was distinguishes this game from other genre titles in our […]

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Ghostlore Review Header

Ghostlore: A 90s Action RPG, but make it Southeast Asian

Stepping into the 90s to 2000s aesthetics, Ghostlore takes you back to the ARPGs of old while featuring intricate systems that make this one of the most detailed games of its genre. You are a Ghosthunter taking on the mantle after your Master, whose age has finally taken a toll to continue hunting, decides it’s […]

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Aquatia Header

Aquatia: An Anime RPG That’s All Wet (In a Good Way!)

Aquatia, developed by the indie studio Rocketlion in Thailand, is an upcoming third-person anime-action RPG game slated for release on PC in 2024. The game tells the epic journey of Anatia, the brave hero of Valeria Kingdom, on a vital quest to defeat an evil witch and restore tranquility to a realm in turmoil. The […]

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Experienced developers from Indonesia are working on new hope for NFT gaming 

NFTs in games, or so-called Web3 gaming, is and has been a sore topic for the gaming community. While a new technological era full of new possibilities (and wealth) dawned for some, blockchain gaming means nothing less than the demise of gaming as entertainment products for others. Criticism that games are becoming labor-intensive processes due to the new technology and that “Pay 2 Earn” is in the foreground cannot necessarily be dismissed out of hand. Still, the catastrophic effects of blockchain on the environment appear even more severe in this context. After the initial excitement, the hype surrounding NFTs seems to have died down somewhat, which may allow for a new perspective.

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