Basketball Slam MyTEAM Announcement

Slam Dunk with Ranida Games’ Latest Release – Basketball Slam MyTEAM!

Indie game development studio Ranida Games, based in the Philippines, has announced the pre-registration launch of Basketball Slam MyTEAM, the sequel to the basketball mobile game PBA Basketball Slam.  This new game, Basketball Slam MyTEAM, will focus on 3v3 arcade-style basketball matches, allowing players to create their custom team, unlock new players, customize their appearance […]

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Sinag Fighting Game Tekken

Ranida Games Announces SINAG – A New Take on Fighting Games Like Tekken

Philippine indie game studio Ranida Games has announced the pre-registration launch of SINAG on Google Play. This offering wants to combine the allure of Philippine mythology with deep and engaging gameplay mechanics, delivering a fresh take on the beloved fighting game genre. SINAG intends to appeal to casual gamers and dedicated fans of fighting games […]

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How to Defeat a Titan? Grind your Fighting Skills in Vita Fighters

AngryDevs’s first game, Vita Fighters, is a mobile fighting game that is inspired and influenced by one of the oldest classic fighting games, Street Fighter. Here our ultimate goal is to fight several fighters until we meet the final boss, “The Titan.” There are 13 characters in-game with different styles of fighting moves. When the […]

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Arcade-style PBA Basketball Slam is coming to PC on Steam

Renowned Filipino game studio Ranida Games (makers of Bayani) announced that PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition will be released on Steam Early Access in August 2020. The Arcade Edition is the PC version of the popular mobile game Basketball Slam 2020, which features the teams and players of Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

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BAYANI – Fighting Game now on Kickstarter!

Bayani is a fighting game on a 2D plane with 3D environments, similar to the latest Street Fighter games. It features 8 fighters that are fantasy re-imaginations of heroes and heroines from the Philippines such as writer Jose Rizal or revolutionary Gregoria Alvarez de Jesus. The battle arenas will be inspired by famous landmarks in the Philippines. But that’s not all: Filipino music, collectibles such as the book “Noli me tangere”, unlockable traditional costumes and of course background stories inspired by the history of the Philippines. Ranida Games wants to deliver a truly local game with a gameplay that can reach a global community of players.

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