November 20, 2023

Andreas Betsche

Fall Up: New Skill-Based Platformer from the Philippines Announced

November 20, 2023 | Andreas Betsche

Astrolabe Games and Unicellular Games, a solo game development studio from the Philippines, have jointly announced Fall Up, a new side-scrolling platformer game. The game features Labi, a robotic bunny, who must overcome skill-based challenges in a post-apocalyptic world and uncover its secrets.

Fall Up screenshot
The robotic rabbit Labi is Fall Up’s main character.

A world that is both dystopian and colorful

Players can explore and discover mechanical wonders in this dystopian world using a range of movesets. During the game, they will encounter squishy creatures and clumsy robots while piecing together the world’s mysteries. 

Movement is key in Fall Up.

Meet Fall Up’s robotic rabbit Labi

Labi, the electro-robo bunny, has short but powerful legs that it uses to “Leg Launch” itself like a cannonball into the air, stomp on enemies, or bounce over walls. The game’s twist is that Labi mistakenly has a thruster module instead of a mobility module, making its jumps more powerful.

Fall Up aims to test your platforming skills

To beat each level and solve puzzles, players must combine running, stomping, dashing, and double-jumping via the best route. They can collect batteries located throughout the level, which can be utilized to unlock new areas and achieve high scores. A Time Trial mode will open when all the batteries are discovered in a level. 

Fall Up’s foes can be your friends, too

Despite their intimidating appearance, the enemies won’t mind players stomping on them. Players must manipulate, provoke, or even protect their enemies and “use” them to help them complete the level.

Fall Up Platformer Screenshot Highscore
Fall Up mixes both colourful stages with a sci-fi look.

It looks like Fall Up will offer players a delightful fantasy world full of platforming challenges and funky robots with a touching story about humanity and identity. The platformer is now available on Steam for wishlist.

Andreas Betsche

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