May 14, 2024

Andreas Betsche

DreadOut 10th Anniversary: Remastered Collection, DreadHaunt Singleplayer and more announced

May 14, 2024 | Andreas Betsche

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the DreadOut series, Indonesian studio Digital Happiness has announced several exciting developments for the series and other games. During a video showcase hosted by “The Lazy Monday,” the studio highlighted past successes and revealed trailers for new content.

DreadOut Remastered Collection Announced

One of the major announcements was the upcoming DreadOut Remastered Collection for PC and consoles, which includes the first DreadOut game and its add-on, Keepers of the Dark. In collaboration with Softsource Publishing, the remastered collection promises improved framerates and resolution, with potential additional changes yet to be unveiled.

Singleplayer Plans for Co-op Multiplayer Spin-off DreadHaunt

The studio also revealed plans for DreadHaunt, a co-op multiplayer spin-off of the series. Once it reaches version 1.0, the game will receive a single-player campaign featuring action-packed gameplay from a first-person perspective, including melee combat and logic puzzles.

Copyright: Digital Happiness / The Lazy Monday

“Proto-DreadOut” to be Released on Steam

Digital Happiness remains true to its roots with the upcoming release of Jurig Escape on Steam, a game that was the precursor to the DreadOut series. Despite its rough development status, Jurig Escape showcases the DNA of DreadOut and will offer players a glimpse into the studio’s gaming history.

Copyright: Digital Happiness / The Lazy Monday

Development Update for Graveless

Additionally, the studio provided a development update for Graveless, their upcoming gothic-horror title with action-adventure elements. Notably, the game features combat gameplay reminiscent of “Souls-like” games and introduces a main character capable of flying with demonic wings.

Copyright: Digital Happiness / The Lazy Monday

Potential New Survival Horror Game in the Making?

The showcase concluded with a technical demo of a project resembling a third-person Resident Evil game set in a Southeast Asian setting. Although titled Project BWS and still in the prototype stage, the demo showed a woman in military attire engaging in combat with a zombie, hinting at the possibility of a new survival horror game in development.

Copyright: Digital Happiness / The Lazy Monday

With these promising projects on the horizon, Digital Happiness continues to solidify its presence in the Southeast Asian games industry, leaving fans eagerly awaiting final release dates for these anticipated titles.

Andreas Betsche

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