February 22, 2022

Andreas Betsche

Indonesian Mobile Game Dinasti Garuda Embarks on its Maiden Flight

February 22, 2022 | Andreas Betsche

A mobile game with which we can playfully delve deep into the mythology and history of Indonesia? That’s what the announcement for Dinasti Garuda, the first game from Nusantara Interactive Studio and released today for Android devices, sounds like.

Apparently, the game takes its claim seriously: 10 different kingdoms, which are based on their historical models of the archipelago, fight for supremacy in over 100 levels. Included are Kutai Martadipura, Tarumanegara, Sriwijaya, and of course Majapahit. 

Dinasti Garuda is all about constructing buildings and developing your own kingdom. In turn, players must collect enough resources to recruit warriors who can go into battle against the other realms. 

The developers were inspired by historical locations such as Prambanan Temple, Rotterdam Fort, Ulun Danu Temple Beratan Bedugul as locations for their battles. You also go to war with famous heroes like Gajah Mada, Hayam Wuruk, Airlangga, Jaya Baya, or Ken Angrok.

The generals each bring their own background stories and can be improved with new traits and equipment. Each general has a special role that must be coordinated with the armies’ battle formations for ultimate effectiveness.

Dinasti Garuda is a multiplayer game where players can form clans and compete against each other in tournaments.

That all sounds a bit much like “Clash of Clans”, but if you have a soft spot for nicely implemented historical settings, you could take a look at Dinasti Garuda. Similar to the big role model, this game is also free-to-play, but offers an in-game shop where certain bonuses and a VIP membership can be purchased for real money.

Dinasti Garuda can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Andreas Betsche

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