Anime Beauties Battle Sci-Fi Pirates in this Tactical Visual Novel

“The Most Dangerous Waters In The World” are the evocative words that Time recently used to describe the seas surrounding Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. This statement is due to the modern-day pirates who roam these waters and attack or hijack boats.

The Indonesian developer 7N34AP and their publisher Niji Games transport this real threat of the present into a sci-fi setting and pit militaristic anime fighters against those swashbucklers. Can the unusual setting work? You can find out soon.

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This Indonesian Game Pairs Off Dating and Management Lovers

There are a lot of potential choices out there, but how do you find the perfect partner for life? At least, as it appears in this new game, the answer is a dating agency. In Matchmaker Agency from Indonesian newcomer studio MelonCat, we inherit exactly this business from our grandparents and help people to find the right partner.

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